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Pokémon TCG: Top 10 Worst Supporters of All Time!

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Take a look at the worst Supporters ever created by the Pokémon Company, and the most bizarre effects you can imagine!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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In this article, I'll show the worst Trainers in the history of Pokémon TCG, covering bizarre examples that make us ask ourselves: "what did The Pokémon Company want when they created this card?"

Let's go!

Top 10 Worst Trainers In Pokémon TCG

10 - Supporters that Draw from 2 to 3 Cards (multiple sets)

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I added these cards to our list because they are supposed to be a "tutorial" for new players. They're supposed to teach them everything about "draw power" and the importance of drawing cards in Pokémon TCG. They may even be helpful for newbies, but are inefficient for Standard (before the April 2024 rotation). For instance, nowadays, we have better cards, like Copycat EVS 143 and Zinnia's Resolve EVS 164.


These cards were inspired by the iconic Bill BS 91, but, at that time, there were no “Supporter” rules, so, we could use “four Bill BS 91” in a row. This would be incredibly strong in the late 90s and early 2000s.

However, after The Pokémon Company created rules for "Supporter" cards, these cards became outdated.

9 - Poké Kid (Sword/Shield: Base Set)

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According to the rules regarding "Supporter" cards, you can only use one of them per turn. So, I ask you: "is it valid to use this opportunity just to look for a Pokémon, considering you could use it to play a stronger effect with another Supporter?"

There are plenty of other cards that get you that Pokémon, like Ultra Ball BRS 150, Great Ball CRZ 132, Pokémon Communication TEU 152, which are just a lot more efficient.

8 - School Kids (Sword/Shield: Fusion Strike)

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You can only activate these cards if your opponent has a certain number of Prize cards remaining. One interacts with an odd number of Prize cards, and the other interacts with an even number of Prize cards.

This is too specific and may create an unfavorable situation for you.

7 - League Staff & Caretaker (Sword/Shield: Vivid Voltage | Scarlet/Violet: Twilight Masquerade)

Sword/Shield - Example

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This card is terrible in Expanded simply because it needs a Wyndon Stadium VIV 161 in play to draw extra cards.

Relying on a Supporter that requires a certain Stadium in play to draw cards is a waste of a slot in your deck, not to mention your opponent might just remove your Stadium and ruin your plans.

Scarlet/Violet - Example

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And looking at the most recent set in the Scarlet/Violet: Twilight Masquerade block, the Supporter has the same problem: he relies on his strength and combo with the stadium Community Center TWM ​​146 to have a recycling in the deck, because if it isn't, the card simply goes to the discard pile, and with a very weak "draw power", which is even worse than the examples mentioned in tenth place, which draw 3 cards.

6 - Blaine's Quiz Show (Sun/Moon: Unified Minds)

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Even though this card boldly challenges your opponent's knowledge of Pokémon TCG, it also creates several problems. Maybe communication between you and your opponent isn't the best, or you don't even speak the same language.

In any case, this card often becomes more of a headache than useful, so it was rightfully banned.

5 - Cedric Juniper (Black/White: Legendary Treasures)

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If you thought Blaine's Quiz Show UNM 186 was already a bit too complex, imagine having to know the "height" of a Pokémon?

Most players ignore Pokémon lore, and there are many cards that don't even state this type of information, like the Ruby/Sapphire layouts. Imagine having to know, by heart, over 1000 existing Pokémon to know exactly how tall each one is? It is practically impossible!


4 - Here Comes Team Rocket! (Wizards of the Coast Era: Team Rocket)

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On the plus side, you get to see your face-down Prize cards. The issue is that this card also lets your opponent do the same, which will cause you a lot of trouble when you're competing for Prize cards.

As this card was from the “Wizards of the Coast” era, it wasn't classified as a “Supporter”. However, it was classified as a Supporter for its reprint in Ruby & Sapphire (Here Comes Team Rocket! TRR 111), and in X/Y (Here Comes Team Rocket! EVO 113), besides the Celebrations set.

3 - Minion of Team Rocket (Wizards of the Coast Era: Team Rocket)

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Just like the previous card, Minion of Team Rocket G1 113 is from the "Wizards of the Coast" era, and also wasn't classified as a "Supporter". However, this card was the closest to a "Supporter" I could find, so I added it to our list.

Its second effect is what earned it its spot in our list: if you missed at least one of the two coins you needed to toss to use its effect, you'd simply have to pass your turn!

2 - Imakuni? (X/Y: Generations)

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This card simply makes your active Pokémon Confused. As per the rules of Pokémon TCG, any time a Confused Pokémon attacks, you'll have to toss a coin. If you fail, you'll lose your turn and your active Pokémon will also take 30 damage.

We have a few Pokémon that benefit from this special status, like Machamp-EX PR-XY XY108, but you'd still have to hit your coin toss to attack, and then remove this special status later on.

1 - Riley (Sword/Shield: Lost Origin)

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In our first place, we have this card, which, by its own description, simply favors your opponent: you'll look at the top five cards in your deck, and reveal them to your opponent. They'll have to choose two of these five cards to discard, and the rest will go to your hand.

Basically, this Supporter lets your opponent control which cards go to your hand and which cards they'll discard, which will disrupt your game plans, undoubtedly!

Final Words

After all of this, which of the cards above do you think are the worst? Do you know any others that are even worse and could be on this list? Tell us your thoughts down below!

Thank you for reading!

See you next time!