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Standard Deck Tech - Snorlax "Control" - Stockholm Regional

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Take a look at this deck by Azul Garcia Griego. He managed to get first place with this Snorlax list at the Stockholm Regional on May 11th and 12th!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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The last Pokémon Regional Championship took place in Europe, on May 11th and 12th! This time, Azul Garcia Greigo, a really famous player, took home another trophy for his collection. His "stall", control strategy with the iconic Snorlax PGO 55 earned him the US$10.000 first-place prize!

Snorlax “Control” - Azul Garcia Griego (2024.1)


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Snorlax: The Base

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Its ability, Block, states that if this Snorlax is your active Pokémon, your opponent can't retreat their Pokémon, which means they'll have to use items to do so.


Any time you can, try to attack an enemy Pokémon that costs a lot to retreat to make it even harder for your opponent to do anything.

Chi-Yu ex: “Mill”

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Chi-Yu's first attack, Jealously Singe, earned it a spot on this list. It is perfect for when your opponent has used most of the cards in their deck, as you can, as soon as they have no more cards in their deck, use this attack to discard their top two cards. They'll lose by "deck out" this way!

Recursive Pokémon

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Rotom V CRZ 45 draws you three cards, even if you pass your turn. And, as it is a Pokémon V, you can use Forest Seal Stone SIT 156 with it.

Pidgeot V LOR 137's ability protects one of your Pokémon. And, as it is a Pokémon V, you can also use Forest Seal Stone SIT 156 with it.

Mimikyu sv4pt5 37 is an answer to Pokémon ex and V, which are quite popular in the format right now. I highly recommend you use Bravery Charm sv2 173 to buff your Pokémon's HP and make them even more durable.

Mantine ASR 34 first attack gets you one basic Pokémon from your discard pile and puts it on your bench; However, your opponent also gets to do the same.

With it, you may get a Mimikyu sv4pt5 37 or a Snorlax PGO 55 you discarded and put it on our bench.

Sandshrew sv3pt5 27's ability prevents your opponent from recycling Supporter cards with Item cards. This means Pal Pad sv1 182 and Cyllene ASR 138 won't work for them.


Supporter to Look for Items and Tools

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This card is essential to get Nest Ball sv4pt5 84, which in turn will find you Snorlax PGO 55 or Mimikyu sv4pt5 37 and put them in play. It also gets you tools like Bravery Charm sv2 173.

Supporter to Sabotage your Opponent's Hand and Draw New Cards

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Supporter to "Catch" Enemy Pokémon

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Supporter to "Combo"-Lock your Opponent's Active Pokémon

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This is a way to reveal one basic Pokémon in your opponent's hand; you'll put it on their bench and then force them into the active position, besides locking it.

Supporter to Sabotage and/or Remove Cards from your Opponent's Hand

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Whereas Eri TEF 146 reveals your opponent's hand and lets you discard two Items you find there, Miss Fortune Sisters LOR 164 reveals the top 5 cards on their deck and lets you discard the Items you find there.

Check out how Miss Fortune Sisters LOR 164 is extremely strong at the Stockholm finals, the 20:38 mark:

Supporters to Recycle Cards

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Supporter to Retreat your Pokémon from Play and Avoid K.O.s

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When your Snorlax PGO 55 or Mimikyu sv4pt5 37 using one of your Bravery Charm sv2 173, is about to be knocked out, retreat it with this card. You can put them in play again later on.


Item to Recycle Supporters

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Item to "Catch" Enemy Pokémon

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This is another vital item to pull enemy Pokémon and lock them down, particularly when they knock out one of your Pidgeot V LOR 137 or Rotom V CRZ 45, because then you'll be able to activate this item's effect.


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You will only attach Forest Seal Stone SIT 156 to a Pokémon to use its VStar ability, which puts, in your hand, any card you want in your deck.

You'll use Bravery Charm sv2 173 to give 50 extra HP to one of your basic Pokémon, and Hero's Cape TEF 152 as your ACE SPEC card in this deck. It grants an extra 100 HP to one of your Pokémon. With these cards, Snorlax PGO 55's HP can grow up to 250!

We also have Defiance Vest sv4 162, which protects one of your Pokémon by 40 points if you're losing the game.


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Alongside Nest Ball sv4pt5 84, this Stadium will get you the Pokémon you need, as it lets you look for basic Pokémon that don't have any Rule Boxes. This is mainly Mimikyu sv4pt5 37 and Snorlax PGO 55.



This deck is great against decks that abuse many Pokémon V and ex and that don't use any secondary, Single Prize attackers. These decks usually try to deal a significant amount of damage to knock out Mimikyu sv4pt5 37 and Snorlax PGO 55 as soon as possible.


- Decks with Minior sv4 99.

- Scizor sv3 205 decks.

Final Words

This deck might be challenging to beat once it gets going, but it isn't that easy to play the combos in it. You'll need to know exactly when and how to play each card to chip away at your opponent's resources and patience. They'll eventually lose by "Deck Out" or they'll simply give up.

Thank you for reading! See you next time!