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McDonalds' Happy Meal Pokémon Promos - August 2022

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A new McDonald's promotion for Pokémon TCG is available in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada on August 2022!

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Hello everybody. I'm Rodrigo, and I'm here to bring you more news about the Pokémon TCG. Today we will talk about the recent promotion of McDonalds' Happy Meal this month that is happening in the United States, with forecast for the United Kingdom and Canada.

Called "Match Battle", the products generally come with a set of a booster pack containing 4 cards (one of them with a categorized foil called "Glass Stained", which is a signature feature of McDonald's products and others being non-foil), a manual covering the body of the card (HP info, Pokémon name, illustrator, attack cost, etc.), a cardboard coin, and a spinner.


It is worth remembering that these cards belong to a closed collection with their own numbering and that they are reprints of cards within the Sword/Shield block, and therefore have a specific symbol on the lower left edge of the promotion (where the normal expansion symbol would be).

The following cards are present:

Rowlet DAA 11 from Darkness Ablaze

Ledyba CRE 4 from Chilling Reign

Gossifleur EVS 15 from Evolving Skies

Victini EVS 20 from Evolving Skies

Growlithe FST 32 from Fusion Strike

Lapras CRE 29 from Chilling Reign

Pikachu EVS 49 from Evolving Skies

Tynamo VIV 57 from Vivid Voltage

Chinchou EVS 52 from Evolving Skies

Flaaffy CRE 48 from Chilling Reign

Bewear FST 151 from Fusion Strike

Cutiefly EVS 78 from Evolving Skies

Pangoro FST 174 from Fusion Strike

Drampa EVS 119 from Evolving Skies

Smeargle EVS 128 from Evolving Skies

Image content of the Website

Image content of the Website

Image source: PokéBeach
Image source: PokéBeach

And by the TCG Player, the special expansion already has a stipulated price list. The complete set is priced at around $40 and $50, and individual boosters are priced at around $1.50 and $6.

The car prices so far are, by average:

Rowlet: $3-$5

Ledyba: $1.81

Gossifleur: $2.41

Victini: $4-$7

Growlithe: $4.83

Lapras: $1.81

Pikachu: $7-$8

Tynamo: $1.21

Chinchou: $1.20

Flaaffy: $1.81

Bewear: $1.81

Cutiefly: $1.21

Pangoro: $1.21

Drama: $1.81

Smeargle: $2-$6