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Paldean Winds: discover the new animation about the Paldea region!

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Discover the newly launched Pokémon Company. The YouTube animation "Paldean Winds" follows the same lines as "Twilight Wings" (from Galar), where it focuses on the new region of the Scarlet & Violet franchise: the Paldea region.

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On 09/06/2023, the Pokémon Company released an animation for children on YouTube called “Paldean Winds” (from Japanese: 放課後のブレス After-School Breath), which will consist of 4 episodes, showing some of the lore of games from the new region in this audiovisual media.

The franchise will have 4 episodes, lasting around 10 - 11 minutes.


Episodes in English

Episode 1

Episodes in Japanese

Episode 1



When more episodes are released, I will update the news, so that you have the most complete data possible. Did you like the animation? Put it in the comments!

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