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Standard Deck Tech: Mew-VMax - Stuttgart Regionals' Runner-Up

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Meet the runner-up deck of the Stuttgart regionals, in Germany, made by the Belgian player Brent Coosemans, with Mew-VMax and some new additions from the Lost Origins expansion.

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Joey Sticks

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Hello everybody. I'm Rodrigo, bringing news about the Pokémon TCG and its vast media. And today we'll focus on the Stuttgart Regionals in Germany and the standout decks from that event. We will now discuss the runner-up deck, used by the player from Belgium, Brent Coosemans, which is a new twist of the Mew-VMax deck.

So, let's analyze his deck and understand how it works.

Mew-VMax, by Brent Coosemans


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Getting to know the main attackers

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1) Attack - Energy Mix (P): Search your deck for an Energy and attach it to one of your Fusion Strike Pokémon. Then, shuffle your deck.

2) Attack - Super Regeneration (P)(C): Deals 70 damage and shuffle this Pokémon and all cards attached to it back into your deck.

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1) Attack - Cross Fusion Strike (C)(C): You can copy any attack from Fusion Strike Pokémon on your bench.

2) Attack - Super Max Miracle (P)(P): Deals 130 damage, and this attack isn't affected by the effects of your opponent's Active Pokémon.

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1) Attack - Melodious Echo (P)(C): Deals 70 times damage for each Fusion Strike energy in play.

With that, we have Mew-VMax with its first attack Cross Fusion Strike, where it can copy any of the attacks mentioned above at will, boosting possibilities for strategies with massive damage. It is possible to copy Meloetta's Melodious Echo or retreat to the deck using the Super Regeneration attack to preserve our cards and Fusion Strike Energy FST 244. We can also copy Genesect-V's attack, the Techno Blast, dealing 210 damage.

The basic of the basics principle of any Mew VMAX FST 114 deck.

The main recursive Pokémon in the deck: Genesect-V

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Genesect V comes in due to its Fusion Strike System, where you draw cards equal to the number of Fusion Strike Pokémon you own. That is, if you have at least an ideal ratio of three Genesect V FST 185, one Meloetta FST 124 and one Mew V FST 113, you will have an excellent draw engine.

Trainer Cards

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- Serena SIT 164 has two options:

1) You can discard up to three cards from your hand. Draw cards until you have five cards in your hand.

2) You can force an opponent's Benched Pokémon V into Active Position.

- Boss's Orders BRS 132 serves to pull a specific Pokémon from the opponent's Bench to deal damage for victory, and thus speed up our prize cards.

- Cyllene ASR 138 serves to recover cards from the discard pile, for each coin hit in the process. There are two coins to be played and if each of them comes up as heads, you choose those discarded cards and return them to the deck.

- Elesa's Sparkle FST 233 serves to choose two Fusion Strike Pokémon from your game, and with that, look for two energies from the deck that can be attached to them.

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- Lost Vacuum LOR 162 is an Item card that to be executed, you need to pay a tribute in which a card from your hand needs to go to the Lost Zone. If you do, you choose a Tool Item or Stadium Item card in play and send it to the Lost Zone.

It is one of the new additions to the deck that, in the last update, with the Lost Origin block, made the deck obtain the power to sabotage opponents' plans.


- Forest Seal Stone SIT 156 serves as a tool that gives the possibility of the Pokémon V to which it is attached to perform a VStar Power, that is, the ability to search for a card in the deck and place it in your hand.

Similar to Arceus-VStar's VStar, Star Birth, where it searches for two cards, even if the Forest Seal Stone only takes one, is unaffected by Path to the Peak CRE 148, as the card only locks abilities of Pokémon that have a Rule Box, but it doesn't say anything about Tools that provide this VStar Power effect.

- Trekking Shoes ASR 156 allows you to look at the top card of your deck, choosing to take that card you saw and put it in your hand or discard it.

And if any resource comes from a card that can be used as a support, some kind of Trainer, instead of losing it, you put it in your hand, preserving it.

- Battle VIP Pass FST 225 is used to search the deck for two basic Pokémon and put them into play right away, but this card can only be played on your first turn during the entire game, so, the faster you create this set-up, the better.

- The card Choice Belt BRS 135 is used to increase 30 more damage against the opponent's Pokémon V (whether V, VStar, VMax, VStar, or whatever).

- Cram-o-matic FST 229 serves as a recycler: you flip the coin and if it comes up as heads, you can take a card from the discard pile and put them in your hand, essential to recover resources like the Power Tablet FST 236.

- Power Tablet FST 236 increases the damage of all your Fusion Strike Pokémon by 30 on the turn it was played.

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- Lost City LOR 161 serves precisely to discard the Pokémon defeated in battle, either yours or the opponent's, to the Lost Zone, instead of the discard pile.

This is extremely powerful, as it added a lot to the Mew-VMax deck, and boosted it against those decks that need to cycle Pokémon to reuse, such as Ordinary Rod SSH 171.

But also, if the opponent manages to destroy your Genesect, sending them to the Lost Zone or some important Mew-VMax, it becomes a sort of double-edged sword.

Special Energies

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- Fusion Strike Energy FST 244 is used to grant any type of Energy, but only for Fusion Strike-type Pokémon, in addition to preventing ability effects caused to the Fusion Strike Pokémon that has that Energy attached.

- Double Turbo Energy BRS 151 guarantees two colorless energies, but its attack is reduced by 20 points.

Format Archetypes


Being very fast, aggressive and assembling energies quickly, since it can deal more than 300 damage thanks to Power Tablet FST 236 and also the Stadium Lost City LOR 161, it becomes a formidable and wide deck for its functions, with few decks managing to necessarily go head-to-head with it, they need to either with an instant KO deck or a more aggressive strategy like Lugia-VStar itself.


- Lugia VSTAR SIT 139 decks, which are assembled quickly, and manage to do many knockouts before setting up their strategy.


- Mew VMAX FST 114 decks that can assemble a faster set-up.

- Electric control decks like Regieleki VMAX SIT 58 and Vikavolt V DAA 60, which end up being potential threats.

- One Hit KO decks like Yveltal SHF 46.

- Decks with Drapion V LOR 118.

- Regigigas ASR 130, if they manage to attack before you build your set-up.


It's a deck that secured a good placement in the Regionals, showing the power and efficiency of a strategy that was already strong from the start and is now boosted by cards that came out on Lost Origin.

And now it's up to you: what do you think of the deck? Feel free to comment further below on the website, as your opinion is always welcome.

Until next time!