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Name Chandelure TWM 38 Edit card
Type Pokémon - stage 2
Description Icons of mtg Mind Ruler 30× This attack does 30 damage for each card in your opponent's hand. Alluring Light Once during your turn, you may have each player draw a card. Weakness Icons of mtg ×2 Retreat Icons of mtg Icons of mtg
Flavor It absorbs spirits, which it then burns. By waving the flames on its arms, it puts its foes into a hypnotic trance.
Artist saino misaki
Set #38
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About Chandelure TWM 38

Chandelure TWM 38, Pokémon - stage 2, designed by saino misaki first released in May, 2024 in the set Twilight Masquerade.

A deck that focuses on disrupting the opponent's hand size, such as through cards that force discards or limit their ability to draw cards, would benefit from using Chandelure TWM 38. This card can potentially deal a significant amount of damage with its Mind Ruler attack based on the number of cards in the opponent's hand, making it a strategic choice for control-oriented decks. However, in a fast-paced metagame where opponents may have low hand sizes or ways to quickly replenish their hand, other cards like Tapu Lele-GX with its Energy Drive attack may be more consistent and impactful, potentially making Chandelure TWM 38 less viable for competitive play.

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