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The "Colorless Fighting Water" deck in the Standard format of the Pokémon TCG have a diverse mix of card types, making for an interesting strategy. The deck includes a combination of Fighting Energy, Basic Fighting Energy, Basic Water Energy, and various Trainer cards like Ultra Ball, Rare Candy, and Judge to help with consistency and support. One potential strategy for this deck could involve utilizing Lucario and Garchomp ex as powerful attackers, with support from Feraligatr for energy acceleration and Radiant Greninja for extra damage output. The inclusion of technical tools like Earthen Vessel and Gutsy Pickaxe could provide additional versatility during gameplay. One of the strengths of this deck is its versatility in terms of energy types, allowing for flexibility in your attacks and strategy. Additionally, cards like Boss's Orders and Path to the Peak can disrupt your opponent's plans, giving you an advantage in controlling the pace of the game. However, one drawback of this deck might be its reliance on certain evolving cards like Garchomp ex and Lucario ex, which could potentially slow down your setup if you don't draw the necessary evolution cards early on. Additionally, the deck might struggle against decks that focus on energy denial or disruption since it relies on multiple energy types. Overall, the "Colorless Fighting Water" deck has the potential for creative and strategic gameplay, but it's important to consider ways to enhance its consistency and adaptability to various matchups.

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