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The Colorless Lightning deck in the Unlimited format of the Pokemon TCG focus on a mix of Lightning-type Pokemon and Colorless Energy cards to offer versatility in attacking options. Here's a breakdown of the strategy, strengths, and weaknesses: **Strategy:** - The deck rely on utilizing Basic Lightning Energy and Powerful Colorless Energy to power up Pokemon like Lugia VSTAR, Pikachu ex, and Raikou V to deal heavy damage. - Cards like Electric Generator and Double Turbo Energy can help accelerate energy attachment, allowing for quicker and more powerful attacks. - Supporter cards like Professor's Research and Sonia can help with consistency in drawing cards and finding key cards to set up your plays. **Good Points:** - The deck has a good mix of basic Pokemon, VSTAR Pokemon, and support cards that can provide a variety of attacking options and strategies. - Including Deny Energy and Reversal Energy can disrupt your opponent's plans and give you an edge in certain situations. - The presence of Boss's Orders (Ghetsis) allows for strategic switching and targeting of opposing Pokemon. **Bad Points:** - The deck may suffer from inconsistency issues due to the wide range of Pokemon and Trainer cards included. Streamlining the deck to focus on a specific strategy may help improve its performance. - Limited options for draw power or recovery cards could make it difficult to recover from disruption or fall behind in card advantage. - Depending on the matchups, the deck may struggle against specific archetypes or strategies that it is not well-equipped to handle. Overall, the Colorless Lightning deck in the Unlimited format offers a diverse and potentially powerful playstyle, but careful deck building and strategic play will be crucial to maximize its effectiveness in competitive settings.

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