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The Grass deck in Pokemon TCG Unlimited format is a versatile deck that focuses on using Grass-type Pokemon and Grass Energy cards to overwhelm opponents with powerful attacks and strategic plays. The deck includes a mix of Pokemon cards like Ivysaur, Alolan Exeggutor, Rillaboom, Bulbasaur, Venusaur ex, and Shaymin V, each offering unique abilities and strengths to the team. The strategy of this deck revolves around setting up your Pokemon quickly using cards like Rare Candy and Nest Ball, while also utilizing supporters like Cynthia, Avery, Copycat, and Caitlin to draw cards, search for key cards, and disrupt your opponent's strategies. Cards like Boss's Orders and Switch can help you control the field and target specific threats on your opponent's side of the board. One of the strengths of the Grass deck is its ability to build up powerful attackers quickly and efficiently, while also having access to a variety of support cards to assist in different situations. Grass-type Pokemon often have strong synergy with each other, allowing for combo plays and powerful team strategies. However, one potential weakness of the Grass deck is its vulnerability to Fire-type Pokemon and certain Trainer cards that target Grass Pokemon specifically. It's important to be aware of your opponent's deck and keep track of potential threats that could disrupt your strategy. Overall, the Grass deck in the Unlimited format offers a fun and dynamic playstyle, with plenty of room for creativity and adaptation to different matchups. By utilizing the strengths of your Grass-type Pokemon and support cards effectively, you can outmaneuver your opponents and secure victory in thrilling Pokemon TCG battles.

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