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Name Plasma Freeze
Code bw9
Type core
Released 05/08/13
Total number of itens 122


In the Plasma Freeze set of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, players dive into the conflict between Team Plasma and the forces of good. The set introduces powerful Plasma Pokemon with unique abilities that can turn the tide of battles. With the introduction of the Team Plasma mechanic, players can manipulate their opponent's Pokemon in innovative ways, adding a layer of strategy and excitement to their matches. As players collect and build decks with cards from this set, they experience the thrill of facing off against these formidable adversaries in epic Pokemon battles.

Top 3 best cards

# Card name Decks Price
1. Float Stone PLF 99 2 decks € 3.67
2. Nidoking PLF 58 1 decks € 0.69
3. Superior Energy Retrieval PLF 103 1 decks € 0.92

Spoilers from Plasma Freeze

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New combos with Plasma Freeze

Life Dew PLF 107
Froslass ex sv4 3

2292 Eye Solid icon


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