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Name Pokémon Card 151
Code Pokémon Card 151
Type core
Released 06/16/23
Total number of items 210


In the Pokémon Card 151 set from the Pokemon TCG, players embark on a nostalgic journey as they collect cards featuring the original 151 Pokémon. Each card beautifully showcases a different Pokémon, capturing their essence and charm. With this set, players can relive the excitement of discovering these beloved creatures for the first time. From the iconic Pikachu to the legendary Mewtwo, each card in this set offers a glimpse into the rich lore and world of Pokémon. The mechanics of this set stay true to the core gameplay of the TCG, allowing players to strategize, battle, and trade their way to victory using their favorite Pokémon. Overall, Pokémon Card 151 combines the thrill of collecting with the joy of revisiting the classic Pokémon that captured the hearts of fans around the world.

Spoilers from Pokémon Card 151

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