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Lost Origin: Top 10 most valuable cards from the expansion

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Check out here the most expensive and collectible cards from Pokémon TCG's Lost Origin expansion.

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translated by Romeu

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Hello everybody. Rodrigo here, and I'm once again bringing information about the values ​​in the competitive and collecting sense of the Lost Origins expansion, which even though it was released on 09/09/2022, there were several regionals in the meantime, and that certainly changed the price of some cards. So let's check it out!

Expansion Cards

10th) Hisuian Goodra VStar (Rainbow Full Art) (Lost Origin - 202/196)

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It's a card that had a great highlight in the last Salt Lake regional in first place by Hale Obernolte (in this decklist that you can check herelink outside website ), on 10/15/2022 with the Arceus VStar combination to accelerate energies.


It can possibly go up in price, also in the regular versions (which are usually used for playing). But as it is a Rainbow card that hardly anyone makes a point of putting it in the deck, it stays in that position.

Its value on TCGPlayer is US$10.68.

9th) Colress's Experiment (Full Art) (Lost Origin - 190/196)

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A card that plays a lot in the “Lost Box” format, many are looking for it precisely to show off the Full Art version.

It has the effect of looking at the top five cards of the deck, choosing 3 cards for your hand and 2 going to the Lost Zone.

Its value on TCGPlayer is US$ 15.92.

8th) Giratina VStar (Rainbow Full Art) (Lost Origin - 201/196)

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One of the favorites of the season thanks to the raw power of destruction that the card offers through its attacks.

1) Attack - Lost Impact: For one grass, one psychic, and one colorless energy, deals 280 base damage and discard two energies attached to the Giratina VStar to the Lost Zone.

2) VStar Attack - Star Requiem: For a grass energy and a psychic, you can only use this attack if you have at least 10 cards in the Lost Zone, and if you can fulfill it, the opponent's active Pokémon is automatically KO'd (the attack or ability named VStar can only be used once per match — so use it wisely).

Its placement here is due to its rarity, "Rainbow".

Its value on TCGPlayer is US$ 24.99.

7th) Giratina-VStar (Gold Full Art) (Lost Origin - 212/196)

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Giratina will dominate this top 10, so get used to it. Its placement here is due to its “Gold” rarity.

Its value on TCGPlayer is US$ 25.50.

6th) Pikachu V (Trainer Gallery) (Lost Origin - #TG16/TG30)

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Reprint of the card Pikachu V VIV 43 in the Vivid Voltage expansion, one of the forgotten cards of the Japanese expansion Amazing Volt Tackle that only now, after a long time, the western Pokémon Company finally came to the senses to put in the collection, somewhat late at the end of the block.

Its value on TCGPlayer is US$ 29.19.

5th) Galarian Perrserker-V (Alternative Full Art) (Lost Origin - 184/196)

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For me, it is an average card, but it is within the high values ​​due to art and collectors who like cards with illustrations with rich background details and the like.

Its value on TCGPlayer is US$38.77.

4th) Pikachu VMAX (Trainer Gallery) (Lost Origin - #TG17/TG30)

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Reprint of the Pikachu VMAX VIV 44 card in the Vivid Voltage expansion, one of the forgotten cards from the Amazing Volt Tackle Japanese expansion.

He's having the same problem as the Pikachu V version suffered from the Trainer Gallery's delay of cards reaching the west, and well, here it is, finally.

Its value on TCGPlayer is US$46.41.

3rd) Rotom V (Alternative Full Art) (Lost Origin - 177/196)

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One of the cards with good game potential (even if it doesn't have great relevance to the competitive scenario), I still believe that this card will have at least one day of prominence, and that we elaborate on his deck in this articlelink outside website, and who knows, if Rotom- VStar comes to the west, this card will improve a lot.


But in this case, it falls into the category for its gorgeous alternative art.

Its value on TCGPlayer is US$49.66;

2nd) Aerodactyl V (Alternative Full Art) (Lost Origin – 180/196)

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This card deserves to be on this list for its Nurikabe's illustration, which has this vividness of colors and the good use of them, the panorama with the perspective coming from above on the Pokémon's flight and looking at the scenery, is simply sensational and this type of detailing, this affection with cards, is what I like about Pokémon cards.

Nurikabe's art is that type that doesn't escape the essence of anime of being something childish, but it's not something so silly and with good use of the complexity of details in the painting techniques, both of the Pokémon and in the scenery.

Its value on TCGPlayer is US$ 120.72.

1st) Giratina V (Alternative Full Art) (Lost Origin - 186/196)

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And with the podium finalist, it's nothing new for Giratina to be in this position. And I still applaud the illustration by Shinji Kanda who managed to capture the chaotic essence of the scenario of the Pokémon, for its story itself of living in the Distortion World.

Its value on TCGPlayer is US$ 218.81.

Honorable Mentions

Here's more for future remarks, as these cards with the Black Gold Full Art rarity are sure to increase in price over the years and believe me, everyone will be chasing them!

1st) Pikachu VMax (Black Gold Full Art) (Lost Origin - #TG29/TG30)

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Its value on TCGPlayer is US$9.39.

2nd) Mew-VMax -Fusion Strike- (Black Gold Full Art) (Lost Origin - #TG30/TG30)

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Its value on TCGPlayer is US$10.44.


Do you agree with the above list?

I hope it has helped to clear the mind for the type of investment approach and demand for these cards. See you in the next article.