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Pokémon announces new collab with popular K-POP band

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The new song is just one of the many different products and events released by The Pokémon Company in 2023.

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Another Pokémon adventure is starting, and this one is going to make the hearts of K-pop fans burst.

The announcement was made earlier this week, alongside other events planned for the many different Pokémon game titles, including the release date of the incredibly cute Pokémon Concierge Netflix show. Now, a video teaser has been released.

The K-POP band ENHYPEN was shown alongside several Pokémon in the initial image teaser, such as Zoroark, Snorlax, Pikachu, Charmander, etc, with the title of the song, One and Only, alongside the official Pokémon x ENHYPEN logo. The song will be produced by the Pokémon Music Collective, which was responsible for other musical collabs in the past, such as Sing.


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ENHYPEN is one of the most successful K-POP bands of the latest years, starting in 2020 when the band was formed via a selection process called I-Land. This isn't the first musical collab from The Pokémon Company and certainly won't be the last, but it might skyrocket Pokémon into relevance again, particularly in the west, where K-pop bands are beginning to gain momentum with bands such as BLACKPINK and BTS growing in popularity.

The release date for the song is July 12th, according to the teaser.

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Check out the full teaser for the "One and Only" song below: