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Pokémon TCG: Top 10 Best Meganium

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We listed the top 10 best Meganium in the history of Pokémon TCG, both in the competitive scene and Expanded. Check it out!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Today, we'll show you the top 10 strongest and most interesting Meganium in Pokémon TCG, considering cards since the Wizards of the Coast era until today.

Meganium is one of the Johto's starters, and represents the Grass archetype.

Top 10 Best Meganium

10 - Meganium (Ruby/Sapphire: Unseen Forces)

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Its attack, Bouncy Move, is what's so great about it, as it lets you put up to 5 damage counters on Meganium. Then, you'll deal 50 base damage + 10 damage for each damage counter on it, which is 100 damage. At the time, this was incredibly powerful.


Its (Poké-Body) ability, Healing Aroma lets you remove one damage counter from all your Pokémon, including enemy Pokémon.

In some countries, this card was available as a Half-Deck themed after the Water and Grass archetype, featuring "foil" Lugia UF 29 and regular Meganium UF 9:

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9 - Meganium (e-Cards Series: Expedition)

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Soothing Aroma is similar to the version above, but you have to toss a coin and hit "heads". If you manage to do that, you can remove one damage counter from your Pokémon.

On the other side, its attack is more symbolic than anything. It makes your opponent Poisoned to make up for the fact it deals very little damage: only 40.

8 - Meganium (Diamond/Pearl: Mysterious Treasures)

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Its first attack, Ultra Powder, is fascinating; you'll toss 3 coins and, for each "heads" you get, the enemy Pokémon gets a certain "bad status" - Poisoned, Burned, and Paralyzed, in this order.

Its second attack is even better, as it is perfect to counter Fire Pokémon. Fire Counterattack states that, if your opponent has any Fire Pokémon in play, you get to deal an extra 30 damage, besides 60 base damage!

7 - Meganium (Wizards of the Coast Era: Neo Genesis)

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This Pokémon was relevant in the history of Pokémon TCG because of its ability, Wild Growth, which doubles the energy each Basic Grass Energy sv2 278 gives your Pokémon. If you attach a basic Grass energy to your Pokémon while this Meganium is in play, you'll have two energies instead of one.

6 - Meganium (Wizards of the Coast Era: Neo Genesis)

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This is, once again, a card from the WotC era. Its ability, Herbal Scent, stands out: you'll need to toss a coin and hit "heads" to use its effect.

If you do, you get to remove all damage counters from your Grass Pokémon in play!

5 - Meganium (X/Y: BREAKpoint)

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There is a built-in combo in this Meganium that makes its attack more efficient if you activate its ability.

Its ability, Overgrow, states that, if Meganium has 50 HP or less, its attacks deal an extra 70 damage.

Green Force, for instance, will deal 120 damage instead of 50, and you'll heal it by the same amount of damage you did to the opponent's active Pokémon.

4 - Meganium δ "Delta" (Ruby/Sapphire: Dragon Frontiers)

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This Meganium earned a spot on our list because of its ability, Evolutionary Call: when you evolve this Pokémon by moving it from your hand to the board, you get to search in your deck for a combination of three cards. They can be either basic or evolution Pokémon, and then you'll add them to your hand.

This ability is quite strong. I pray we see it again in the future on another Meganium.

3 - Meganium (Sun/Moon: Lost Thunder)

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This is one of the best "baby" Meganium there is, particularly because of its ability, Quick-Ripening Herb: Choose 1 of your Basic Pokémon in play. If you have a Stage 2 card in your hand that evolves from that Pokémon, put that card onto the Basic Pokémon to evolve it, directly, on that same turn*.


In Expanded and GLC, this type of ability is a "staple" precisely because of how strong it is.

2 - Meganium "Prime" (Heart Gold/Soul Silver: Base Set)

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Straight from the Heart Gold/Soul Silver set, Meganium "Prime" stands out because of its ability, Leaf Trans, which lets you move Basic Grass Energy sv2 278 between your Pokémon. This is particularly efficient if you move these energies between your attackers.

1 - Meganium ex (Ruby/Sapphire: Unseen Forces)

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And, in first place, we have Meganium's ex version from Unseen Forces. This version was the "inspiration" for Meganium Prime, but its ability is a little bit stronger, as it has a few extra effects.

Nurture and Heal, besides letting you move Basic Grass Energy sv2 278 between your Pokémon, heals a damage counter from your Pokémon when you do so.

As for its second attack, Power Poison, it lets you discard one energy attached to Meganium ex UF 106. If you do, the enemy's active Pokémon gets Poisoned - which was great, because then you'd deal 100 damage at the beginning of each turn.

Final Words

What did you think of our list? What would your list of the top 10 best Meganium look like? Tell us your thoughts down below.

Thank you for reading! See you next time!