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Name Brambleghast TEF 21 Edit card
Type Pokémon - stage 1
Description Icons of mtg Icons of mtg Icons of mtg Powerful Needles 80× Flip a coin for each Energy attached to this Pokémon. This attack does 80 damage for each heads. Resilient Soul This Pokémon gets +50 HP for each Prize card your opponent has taken. See more
Flavor Brambleghast wanders around arid regions. On rare occasions, mass outbreaks of these Pokémon will bury an entire town.
Artist otumami
Set Temporal Forces #21
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About Brambleghast TEF 21

Brambleghast TEF 21, Pokémon - stage 1, designed by otumami first released in Mar, 2024 in the set Temporal Forces.

This Brambleghast TEF 21 Pokémon card would be beneficial in a stall or tank deck strategy, where its Resilient Soul ability can make it a formidable tank with increased HP based on the opponent's Prize cards taken. However, in a competitive setting, there may be better options available with more consistent damage output or utility effects, such as other stage 1 Grass-type Pokémon with stronger attacks or abilities that offer more strategic advantages. Overall, while Brambleghast TEF 21 has its niche uses, it may not be a top choice for high-level play unless paired with specific support cards to maximize its potential.

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