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Name Iron Valiant ex sv4 89 Edit card
Type Pokémon - basic ex future
Description Icons of mtg Icons of mtg Icons of mtg Laser Blade 200 During your next turn, this Pokémon can't attack. Tachyon Bits Once during your turn, when this Pokémon moves from your Bench to the Active Spot, you may put 2 damage counters on 1 of youSee more
Artist aky CG Works
Set Paradox Rift #89
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About Iron Valiant ex sv4 89

Iron Valiant ex sv4 89, Pokémon - basic ex future, designed by aky CG Works first released in Nov, 2023 in the set Paradox Rift.

This Iron Valiant ex sv4 89 Pokémon card could be beneficial in a psychic-themed deck that focuses on high damage output and strategic bench movement. However, its drawback of not being able to attack on the next turn after using Laser Blade may limit its effectiveness in fast-paced gameplay. There may be better options available depending on the specific strategy of the deck, such as cards with more versatile abilities or lower energy costs for similar damage output. Overall, while Iron Valiant ex sv4 89 has potential, it may not be a top choice for competitive play without careful consideration of its limitations and synergies with other cards.



Pokémon ex rule: When your Pokémon ex is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

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