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Name Zangoose δ pop5 15 Edit card
Type Pokémon - basic
Description Icons of mtg Detect Flip a coin. If heads, prevent all effects of an attack, including damage, done to Zangoose during your opponent's next turn. Icons of mtg Icons of mtg Icons of mtg Metal Claw 40 Weakness Icons of mtg ×2 Retreat See more
Artist Kouki Saitou
Set POP Series 5 #15
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About Zangoose δ pop5 15

Zangoose δ pop5 15, Pokémon - basic, designed by Kouki Saitou first released in May, 2022 in the set POP Series 5. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 0.71.

This Zangoose δ pop5 15 card would benefit a defensive deck that focuses on stalling and disrupting the opponent's strategy. Its 'Detect' ability can be a game-changer by preventing all effects of an attack if the coin flip is successful, providing a strategic advantage. However, with only 40 damage for its 'Metal Claw' attack and a weakness to Fighting-type Pokémon, it may not be the most optimal choice for decks aiming for quick knockouts or facing a lot of Fighting-type threats. There are likely better options available for competitive play, but it could still find a niche in certain deck strategies.

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