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Ah, the "Darkness Water" deck in the Expanded format of the Pokemon TCG! This deck focus on a combination of Darkness and Water type Pokemon and energy cards. Let's break it down: **Strategy:** The strategy of this deck appears to be centered around using Water and Darkness type Pokemon to control the pace of the game. Cards like Drizzile SSH 56 and Inteleon SSH 58 can help you search for key cards in your deck, while cards like Articuno SIT 36 and Irida ASR 147 can provide powerful attacking options. The deck also includes support cards like VS Seeker PHF 109 and Boss's Orders BRS 132 to manipulate the board and disrupt your opponent's strategy. **Good Points:** - The deck have a good balance of Pokemon, energy cards, and trainer cards, providing versatility in gameplay. - The inclusion of cards like Quick Ball FST 237 and Level Ball BST 129 can help you quickly search for and set up your key Pokemon. - The presence of cards like Superior Energy Retrieval sv2 189 and Capacious Bucket RCL 156 can ensure that you have a steady stream of energy to power your attacks. **Bad Points:** - One potential weakness of this deck could be its reliance on specific Pokemon to execute its strategy. If key Pokemon are prized or knocked out early, it could disrupt your game plan. - The deck may also struggle against decks with high energy denial or disruption, as it relies on a consistent flow of energy to power its attacks. - Additionally, the deck might lack consistency in terms of drawing cards or searching for specific cards, which could lead to inconsistent gameplay. Overall, the "Darkness Water" deck seems like a fun and creative deck to play in the Expanded format of the Pokemon TCG. With the right strategy and a bit of luck, you could definitely catch your opponents off guard with this unique combination of Water and Darkness type Pokemon!

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