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The "Fire Lightning Water" deck in the Expanded format of Pokemon TCG is an interesting combination of different elemental types. This deck focus on versatility and flexibility using the types of Fire, Lightning, and Water. The strategy of this deck could revolve around setting up Ninetales ex and Chi-Yu ex as the main attackers, supported by Volcanion-EX and Magnezone. With cards like Superior Energy Retrieval, Blacksmith, and Fiery Torch, you can quickly power up your Fire-type Pokemon and maintain energy acceleration. Magnezone can help with energy acceleration for your Lightning-type Pokemon, while Water-type like Chi-Yu ex can surprise your opponent with its powerful attacks. The inclusion of cards like Judge, VS Seeker, Switch, and Ordinary Rod provides disruptive and support options to control the pace of the game and recover resources. Giant Hearth and Scorched Earth can help you search for Fire Energy cards and maintain card advantage. The deck also includes utility cards like Great Ball, Nest Ball, Ultra Ball, and Pokémon Communication for consistency in drawing into your key cards. One of the strengths of this deck is its versatility and ability to handle different types of matchups due to its diverse elemental types. It can adapt to different situations and put pressure on your opponent with powerful attacks. However, one potential weakness could be the reliance on setting up multiple Pokemon with different energy requirements, which might slow down your setup if you don't draw into the right cards early on. Overall, the "Fire Lightning Water" deck offers a mix of speed, power, and utility, making it a fun and challenging deck to pilot in the Expanded format of Pokemon TCG.

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