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The "Colorless Darkness Fire Lightning Metal Psychic Water" deck in the Standard format of the Pokemon TCG is quite versatile and unique with its mix of different energy types. The strategy of this deck revolve around using a variety of Pokemon with different energy requirements to keep your opponent guessing and maximize your chances of hitting weakness. Good Points: 1. Diversity of Energy Types: Having multiple energy types in the deck allows for more flexibility in attacking different Pokemon weaknesses. 2. Rare Candy and Evolution Lines: Cards like Rare Candy can help you evolve your Pokemon quickly and get powerful Pokemon like Charizard ex and Pidgeot ex into play faster. 3. Boss's Orders: Boss's Orders (Ghetsis) is a strong Trainer card that allows you to switch your opponent's Active Pokemon with one of their Benched Pokemon, giving you control over the battlefield. 4. Jirachi and Rotom V: Jirachi's Ability Stellar Wish can help you search for key Trainer cards, while Rotom V provides disruption with its Static Shock attack. Bad Points: 1. Energy Consistency: With a mix of different energy types, it might be challenging to consistently power up your Pokemon, especially if you don't draw the right energy cards at the right time. 2. Evolution Support: While Rare Candy is a great card for evolution, if you don't draw into it early, it could slow down your setup. 3. Lack of Draw Support: The deck might need more draw support cards to maintain consistency and find key cards when needed. 4. Weaknesses: With a mix of different Pokemon types, the deck could potentially have weaknesses that your opponent can exploit. Overall, the "Colorless Darkness Fire Lightning Metal Psychic Water" deck has the potential for unique strategies and surprises with its diverse energy types and Pokemon lineup. By fine-tuning the deck with more consistency and support cards, you can enhance its strengths and minimize its weaknesses for a more competitive edge in Standard play.

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