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The "Colorless Darkness Water" deck in the Standard format of the Pokemon TCG is an interesting combination of Colorless, Darkness, and Water Pokemon and energies. Strategy: The strategy of this deck focus on utilizing various energy types and types of Pokemon to adapt to different situations. The deck includes powerful Pokemon like Kyurem VMAX and Kyurem V, which can deliver strong attacks with the support of Darkness Energy and Water Energy cards. The inclusion of cards like Dark Patch and Capacious Bucket helps with energy acceleration and retrieval. Additionally, Trainer cards like Quick Ball and Ultra Ball can help you search for key Pokemon quickly, while Boss's Orders provides control over your opponent's active Pokemon. Good Points: 1. Versatile Energy Types: Having access to Colorless, Darkness, and Water energy allows for flexibility in powering up different Pokemon's attacks. 2. Strong Pokemon Choices: Cards like Kyurem VMAX and Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR are powerful attackers that can dominate the field. 3. Energy Acceleration: Cards like Dark Patch and Ancient Booster Energy Capsule help in quickly energizing your Pokemon for devastating attacks. Bad Points: 1. Energy Dependency: This deck rely heavily on specific energy types for its Pokemon's attacks, which could be a disadvantage if you face energy denial strategies. 2. Lack of Consistency: With a wide range of Pokemon and Trainer cards, the deck may suffer from inconsistency in drawing key cards at the right time. 3. Vulnerable to Special Conditions: Cards like Hypnotoxic Laser and Radiant Greninja can inflict special conditions on your Pokemon, causing disruption to your strategy. Overall, the "Colorless Darkness Water" deck offers a mix of powerful Pokemon, energy acceleration, and strategic options. It can be a fun and unpredictable deck to play with, but may require careful planning and adaptation during matches to overcome its weaknesses.

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