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The "Colorless Dragon Fighting Metal Water" deck in the Standard format of the Pokemon TCG is quite an interesting and unique combination. The deck focus on a mix of different energy types and Pokemon to create a versatile and unpredictable playstyle. Strategy: - The deck appears to have a mix of different types of Pokemon, such as Garchomp ex, Hisuian Decidueye VSTAR, and Ting-Lu ex, which can provide a variety of attacking options depending on the situation. - Cards like Rare Candy and Hisuian Heavy Ball can help you quickly evolve your Pokemon to their stronger forms, allowing you to apply pressure on your opponent early in the game. - Energy Switch and Superior Energy Retrieval can help you move energy around your Pokemon efficiently, ensuring you always have the right energy type for your attacks. - Boss's Orders and Counter Catcher can disrupt your opponent's strategy by forcing them to switch their active Pokemon, giving you an advantage in controlling the battlefield. Good Points: - The deck has a diverse range of Pokemon types, allowing you to adapt to different matchups and strategies. - The inclusion of energy acceleration cards like Double Turbo Energy and Mist Energy can help you power up your attacks quickly. - Cards like Ultra Ball and Professor's Research can help you draw through your deck faster, increasing your chances of finding the cards you need to win. Bad Points: - The deck lack a clear focus on a specific strategy, which can make it harder to execute a consistent game plan. - The reliance on multiple energy types can sometimes lead to energy management issues, especially if you don't draw the right energy cards at the right time. - The deck may struggle against more focused and streamlined decks that have a clear win condition and game plan. Overall, the "Colorless Dragon Fighting Metal Water" deck has the potential to be a fun and unpredictable deck to play with. With the right strategy and card choices, you can surprise your opponents and secure victories with this versatile and dynamic deck.

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