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The "Colorless Dragon Fire Lightning Psychic" deck you've assembled have an interesting mix of card types. Here's a breakdown of the strategy, good and bad points of the deck: Strategy: 1. **Pokégear 3.0**: Helps you search for Supporter cards. 2. **Nest Ball**: Easily puts Basic Pokémon into play. 3. **Counter Catcher**: Allows you to switch your opponent's Active Pokémon with a Benched Pokémon if you're behind. 4. **Rare Candy**: Evolve Pokémon quickly. 5. **Ultra Ball**: Discard cards from your hand to search for Pokémon. 6. **Boss's Orders (Ghetsis)**: Enables you to bring up the Pokémon you want to target on your opponent's Bench. Good Points: 1. **Diverse Energy Types**: Having multiple types of Energy helps you power up a variety of attacks. 2. **Strong Pokémon**: Cards like Radiant Charizard CRZ and Luxray V are powerful attackers. 3. **Consistency**: Cards like Pokégear 3.0 and Ultra Ball help you find the cards you need. Bad Points: 1. **Inconsistency**: With a mix of different types and strategies, the deck might lack focus. 2. **Energy Management**: Balancing the different Energy types might prove challenging. 3. **Evolution Line**: Evolution Pokémon like Noivern ex and Pidgeot ex might be hard to set up quickly. Overall, the deck seems like it has potential, especially with strong attackers like Radiant Charizard CRZ and Luxray V. However, it might benefit from streamlining its strategy and focusing on specific synergies to make it more cohesive and effective in the Standard format.

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