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The "Colorless Fire Lightning Psychic" deck in the Standard format of the Pokemon TCG have a diverse range of card types, offering potential for some interesting strategies. Here's a breakdown of the deck and some analysis: **Strategy:** - The deck focus on using a variety of energy types (Colorless, Fire, Lightning, and Psychic) to power up different Pokemon with different abilities and attacks. - Cards like Snorlax PGO 55, Mimikyu sv2 97, and Pidgeot V LOR 137 provide a mix of offensive and defensive options. - Support cards like Ultra Ball BRS 150, Boss's Orders BRS 132, and Hisuian Heavy Ball ASR 146 can help with searching for specific cards or controlling the game board. - Energy acceleration and retrieval cards like Basic Fire Energy sv3 230 and Super Rod sv2 188 may help maintain energy consistency throughout the game. **Good Points:** - The deck has a good variety of Pokemon types, allowing for coverage against different weaknesses and resistances. - Support cards like Pokégear 3.0 sv1 186 and Team Yell's Cheer BRS 149 can help with card draw and consistency. - The mix of energy types can keep opponents guessing and make it harder for them to counter your strategy effectively. **Bad Points:** - The deck have a high reliance on support cards for consistency, which could make it vulnerable to disruption. - Since the deck have a mix of energy types, it may face challenges in setting up the right energy for attacks quickly. - Some cards may not synergize well with the overall strategy of the deck, potentially leading to dead draws or inefficient plays. Overall, the "Colorless Fire Lightning Psychic" deck offers a mix of versatility and potential for creative plays. With careful play and perhaps some tweaking for better synergy among cards, it could become a formidable contender in the Standard format.

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