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The "Colorless Lightning Psychic Water" deck in the Standard format of the Pokemon TCG seems like a unique and interesting combination of types and strategies. Let's break it down: Strategy: - The deck focus on a mix of different types (Colorless, Lightning, Psychic, Water) which can provide versatility in battle. - Cards like Snorlax PGO 55, Crabominable V FST 76, and Rotom V CRZ 45 can be powerful attackers with different energy requirements, allowing for flexibility in energy attachment. - Support cards like Pokégear 3.0 sv1 186, Pal Pad sv1 182, and Erika's Invitation sv3pt5 160 can help with consistency and card retrieval. - Boss's Orders (Ghetsis) sv2 172 and Counter Catcher sv4 160 can provide disruption to your opponent's strategy by switching their active Pokemon or bringing up a benched Pokemon. Good Points: - The deck has a mix of different types, which can make it harder for opponents to counter with specific weaknesses. - There are various support cards included that can help with consistency and disruption, giving you more control over the game. - The deck have a good balance of Pokemon, Trainer, and Energy cards, providing a well-rounded approach to battles. Bad Points: - The deck might struggle with energy consistency due to the mix of different types, so it's important to manage energy attachment carefully. - Some cards may not synergize well with others, so it's important to test the deck and make adjustments as needed. - The deck might lack a clear win condition or synergy between cards, so it's important to refine the strategy and focus on a specific game plan. Overall, the "Colorless Lightning Psychic Water" deck has the potential to be a versatile and unpredictable choice in the Standard format. With the right adjustments and strategy, it could surprise opponents and lead to some exciting battles!

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