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The "Colorless Psychic Water" deck in the Standard format of the Pokemon TCG be quite unique with its mix of different types of energies and Pokemon. Here is a breakdown of the strategy, good points, and bad points of this deck: **Strategy:** This deck focus on leveraging the versatility of Colorless, Psychic, and Water Pokemon, utilizing a mix of energies to power them up. Cards like Lugia VSTAR, Lugia V, Minccino, and Snorlax offer different strengths and abilities that can disrupt and overwhelm the opponent. The deck also includes support cards like Ultra Ball, Pal Pad, and Boss's Orders (Ghetsis) to ensure consistency and control over the game flow. **Good Points:** 1. Versatile Energy Options: The inclusion of Water Energy, Double Turbo Energy, and Jet Energy allows for flexibility in powering up various Pokemon in the deck. 2. Disruption Abilities: Cards like Capturing Aroma, Collapsed Stadium, and Boss's Orders (Ghetsis) can disrupt the opponent's strategy and give you an advantage in the game. 3. Strong Pokemon Choices: Lugia VSTAR, Lugia V, and Snorlax are powerful Pokemon that can deal with different threats on the field and put pressure on the opponent. **Bad Points:** 1. Energy Management: With a mix of different types of energies, managing energy attachments effectively can be a challenge, especially if you don't draw the right energy cards at the right time. 2. Lack of Focus: The deck have a wide variety of Pokemon and cards without a clear central strategy or synergy between them, which can lead to inconsistencies in gameplay. 3. Vulnerability to Counter Decks: Since the deck doesn't specialize in a specific type or strategy, it may struggle against decks that have specific counters to Colorless, Psychic, or Water Pokemon. Overall, the "Colorless Psychic Water" deck offers a mix of interesting Pokemon choices and potential synergies, but it may require fine-tuning to address its weaknesses and enhance its strengths for a more competitive edge in Standard format battles.

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