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The "Lightning Psychic" deck in the Standard format of the Pokemon TCG is an interesting combination of Lightning and Psychic type Pokemon. The strategy of this deck revolves around utilizing the synergy between these two types to control the board and deal damage to your opponent's Pokemon. One of the key strengths of this deck is its versatility. With a mix of powerful attackers like Regieleki V, Raichu V, and Bellibolt ex, as well as support Pokemon like Pikachu V and Shuppet, you have a variety of options to adapt to different situations during a match. The inclusion of Lightning Energy CRZ 155 helps power up your Lightning-type attacks, while cards like Iron Thorns ex and Iron Hands ex provide additional utility and disruption to your opponent's strategy. However, one potential weakness of the "Lightning Psychic" deck is its reliance on specific energy types. If you're unable to draw into the right energy cards or if your opponent plays energy denial cards, it can disrupt your game plan and limit your options. Additionally, the deck may struggle against certain matchups that exploit its weaknesses, such as decks with strong resistance to Lightning or Psychic types. Overall, the "Lightning Psychic" deck offers a mix of offense and defense, with the potential to surprise your opponent with unexpected plays. By carefully managing your resources and understanding your opponent's strategy, you can maximize the strengths of this deck and overcome its weaknesses to achieve victory in your Pokemon TCG matches.

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