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The "Psychic" deck in the Standard format of Pokemon TCG focuses on using Psychic-type Pokemon to control the game and disrupt your opponent's strategy. Here's a breakdown of the strategy, good and bad points of the deck: Strategy: - The deck aims to control the game by using cards like Boss's Orders (Ghetsis) to manipulate the opponent's active Pokemon, Professor Turo's Scenario to search for key cards, and Counter Catcher to disrupt your opponent's setup. - Psychic-type Pokemon like Banette ex and Gardevoir ex can deal high damage and potentially take knockouts quickly. - The deck includes support cards like Ultra Ball, Nest Ball, and Super Rod to help you find and recycle your Pokemon efficiently. Good Points: - The deck has strong disruption potential with cards like Spiritomb and Counter Catcher, allowing you to control the pace of the game. - Psychic-type Pokemon often have powerful abilities and attacks that can swing the game in your favor. - The inclusion of cards like Professor's Research and Super Rod ensure that you have good draw and recovery options. Bad Points: - Psychic-type decks can sometimes struggle against Dark-type Pokemon, which are resistant to Psychic attacks. - The deck may rely heavily on setting up specific combinations to be effective, so disruption from your opponent can hinder your strategy. - Lack of Energy acceleration cards may slow down your ability to power up your attacks quickly. Overall, the "Psychic" deck in Standard format offers a mix of disruption, control, and high-damage potential. With careful planning and strategic play, you can overcome its weaknesses and exploit its strengths to outmaneuver your opponents.

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