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The "Psychic Water" deck in the Standard format of the Pokemon TCG have a focus on Psychic-type and Water-type Pokemon. The strategy of this deck could involve using Psychic Energy to power up your Psychic-type attackers like Gardevoir ex and utilizing Water Energy to support Water-type Pokemon like Radiant Greninja. Some potential strengths of this deck could be the versatility it offers by having access to two different types of energy, which allows for strategic flexibility in gameplay. Additionally, cards like Ultra Ball, Level Ball, and Rare Candy can help you quickly search for and evolve your Pokemon, giving you a quicker setup on the field. However, one drawback of the deck could be the potential inconsistency in energy distribution, as you would need to make sure you have the right balance of Psychic and Water Energy to power up your different Pokemon. It's important to carefully manage your resources and ensure you have the right energy attachments for your attackers. Overall, the "Psychic Water" deck has the potential to be a fun and creative deck to play with, combining the strengths of both Psychic and Water-type Pokemon. Experimenting with different strategies and fine-tuning your energy management could lead to success with this deck in Standard format battles.

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