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The "Dragon Psychic Water" deck in Pokemon TCG Unlimited format be a unique and interesting combination of elements. The deck appears to have a focus on Psychic-type and Water-type Pokemon, with some Dragon-types as well. Here is a breakdown of the deck composition and potential strategy: 1. **Strategy**: The strategy of this deck could revolve around utilizing the strengths of Psychic, Water, and Dragon types to create a versatile and unpredictable playstyle. With cards like Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX and Garchomp, you have powerful attackers that can deal significant damage to your opponent's Pokemon. Psychic and Water types also provide a good coverage against a variety of Pokemon types. 2. **Good Points**: - Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX and Garchomp are strong attackers with potentially game-changing abilities and attacks. - Cards like Cynthia, Professor's Research, and VS Seeker can help you draw cards, maintain hand advantage, and find necessary resources quickly. - Rare Candy allows you to evolve your Pokemon quickly, bypassing the usual evolution stages. 3. **Bad Points**: - The deck may lack consistency due to a wide variety of Energy types and Pokemon, which could lead to drawing incompatible cards at times. - Limited access to Energy acceleration or retrieval cards may make it difficult to power up your stronger attacks consistently. - Weaknesses to specific types, such as Fairy or Metal, could be exploited by certain opponents. Overall, the "Dragon Psychic Water" deck has the potential to be a fun and unconventional deck to play with. It may require some fine-tuning to enhance its consistency and effectiveness in matches. Experimenting with different card ratios, adding more Energy retrieval options, or focusing on a specific type synergy could help improve the deck's performance. Have fun testing and refining your deck strategy!

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