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The "Lightning Psychic" deck in the Unlimited format of Pokemon TCG have a focus on Lightning-type Pokemon with some Psychic support. The strategy of this deck appears to revolve around using Regieleki V and Regieleki VMAX as the main attackers, supported by cards like Electric Generator to accelerate energy attachment and Beach Court to draw cards. One of the strengths of this deck is its potential for fast-paced gameplay, thanks to the energy acceleration provided by Electric Generator and the high damage output of Regieleki VMAX. Additionally, cards like Boss's Orders and Prime Catcher can help control the opponent's board by bringing up key Pokemon for knockouts. However, there are also some potential weaknesses in this deck. For example, the reliance on Lightning Energy may make it vulnerable to energy denial strategies. Additionally, the deck lack consistency cards like Professor's Research and Ultra Ball, which could make it difficult to set up the desired board state consistently. Overall, the Lightning Psychic deck has the potential for powerful attacks and strategic plays, but it may require careful planning and consideration of its weaknesses to be successful in the Unlimited format of Pokemon TCG.

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