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Dark Phantasma - Promotional Cards icon
Name Dark Phantasma - Promotional Cards
Type core
Released 09/15/22
Total number of itens 2


This is a subset from Sword & Shield.

Dark Phantasma - Promotional Cards is a captivating set in the Pokemon TCG that introduces players to the mysterious world of dark and ghostly Pokemon. The lore of the set revolves around these spectral creatures, lurking in the shadows and emerging to battle with haunting power. The mechanics of the set highlight unique abilities and strategies that emphasize the ethereal nature of Dark and Ghost-type Pokemon. Players can experience a thrilling combination of spooky themes and strategic gameplay as they delve into the realm of Dark Phantasma - Promotional Cards.

Important dates

  • Global Tabletop Release:
  • Release, Japan:
  • Release, Taiwan and Hong Kong :
  • Release, South Korea:
  • Release, Thailand :
  • Release, Indonesia:

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