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Name Dragon Majesty
Code sm75
Type core
Released 09/07/18
Total number of items 80


Dragon Majesty is a unique expansion set in the Pokemon Trading Card Game universe that delves deep into the lore of powerful and majestic Dragon-type Pokemon. In this set, players can collect cards featuring Dragon-type Pokemon such as Reshiram, Zekrom, and Rayquaza, as well as Dragonite and Charizard. These cards showcase stunning artwork and powerful abilities that embody the strength and mystique of Dragon-type Pokemon. The set also introduces new gameplay mechanics, including Dragon-type specific abilities and powerful attacks that can turn the tide of any battle. Overall, Dragon Majesty captures the awe-inspiring nature of these mythical creatures and offers players a thrilling new way to experience the world of Pokemon TCG.

Spoilers from Dragon Majesty

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New combos with Dragon Majesty

Emboar PR-BLW BW21
Fiery Flint DRM 60
Max Potion BKP 103
Fire Crystal UNB 173

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