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Name Team Up
Code sm9
Type core
Released 02/01/19
Total number of items 198


Team Up is a Pokémon Trading Card Game set that focuses on the partnership between Pokémon and trainers in the world of Pokémon. The set showcases iconic pairs of Pokémon teaming up to battle together, reflecting the theme of cooperation and teamwork. In terms of mechanics, the set introduces Tag Team GX cards, which feature powerful Pokémon duos combining their strengths in battle. These Tag Team GX cards have high HP and devastating attacks, but they also give up multiple Prize cards when they are knocked out. This adds a strategic element to gameplay, as players must decide when to bring out these powerful Tag Team Pokémon and when to keep them on the bench to avoid giving up too many Prize cards to their opponent. Overall, Team Up is a set that celebrates the bond between Pokémon and trainers, while also offering exciting new gameplay dynamics with the introduction of Tag Team GX cards.

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1. Ninetales TEU 16 1 decks $ 0.33

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