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Obsidian Flames icon
Name Obsidian Flames
Code sv3
Type core
Released 08/11/23
Total number of itens 230


This is a subset from Scarlet & Violet.

Obsidian Flames is a thrilling expansion in the Pokemon Trading Card Game universe that delves into the fiery depths of darkness and power. The set introduces a unique mechanic where players can harness the powerful energy of obsidian to unleash devastating attacks on their opponents. The lore behind the set revolves around ancient legends of mythical creatures that control the very essence of fire, creating a sense of awe and mystery. Players must strategize their moves carefully to master the dark forces within the Obsidian Flames set and emerge victorious in their battles.

Top 6 best cards

# Card name Decks Price
1. Arven sv3 186 5 decks $ 1.24
2. Pokémon League Headquarters sv3 192 2 decks $ 0.03
3. Charizard ex sv3 223 1 decks $ 39.81
4. Town Store sv3 196 1 decks $ 0.05
5. Pidgeot ex sv3 164 1 decks $ 6.96
6. Scizor sv3 141 1 decks $ 0.01

Important dates

  • Release, Japanese:
  • Release, English:

Spoilers from Obsidian Flames

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