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Scarlet & Violet Energies icon
Name Scarlet & Violet Energies
Code sve
Type core
Released 03/31/23
Total number of items 8


This is a subset from Scarlet & Violet.

Scarlet & Violet Energies is a captivating set in the Pokemon TCG world that introduces a mystical lore of two opposing energies, Scarlet and Violet, that hold immense power. As trainers delve into the set, they discover that Pokemon cards are imbued with these energies, influencing their abilities and strengths in battles. The mechanics of the set revolve around strategic use of these energies to enhance Pokemon's attacks or unleash powerful special abilities unique to each energy type. Players must carefully balance their use of Scarlet and Violet energies to outwit their opponents and emerge victorious in thrilling card battles.

Important dates

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