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Silver Tempest icon
Name Silver Tempest
Code swsh12
Type core
Released 11/11/22
Total number of itens 215


This is a subset from Sword & Shield.

In the Silver Tempest set from the Pokemon Trading Card Game, players are immersed in a mystical world where strong winds blow over the legendary Silver Isles. Trainers must navigate through these tempestuous conditions to discover rare Silver Pokemon and harness the power of the storm. The set introduces new gameplay mechanics that revolve around utilizing wind-inspired abilities and strategies to overcome challenges in battles. With unique card designs and powerful synergies, Silver Tempest offers a thrilling experience for both collectors and competitive players alike.

Top 5 best cards

# Card name Decks Price
1. Forest Seal Stone SIT 156 5 decks $ 0.74
2. Energy Switch SIT 212 1 decks $ 2.70
3. Regidrago VSTAR SIT 136 1 decks $ 0.50
4. Rapidash SIT 22 1 decks $ 0.03
5. Serperior VSTAR SIT 8 1 decks $ 0.25

Important dates

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  • Release, English:

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