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Darkness Ablaze icon
Name Darkness Ablaze
Code swsh3
Type core
Released 08/14/20
Total number of items 201


Darkness Ablaze is a thrilling expansion set in the Pokemon Trading Card Game universe that delves into the captivating lore of darkness and fire. The set introduces powerful Pokemon like Charizard VMAX and Eternatus VMAX, representing the intense battle between light and shadow. With innovative mechanics such as Gigantamax Pokemon and the ability to unleash destructive G-Max Moves, players are immersed in intense battles and strategic gameplay. Explore the depths of darkness and harness the fiery power within this dynamic set as you build your deck and conquer your opponents in epic duels.

Spoilers from Darkness Ablaze

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New combos with Darkness Ablaze

Hydreigon PR-SW SWSH037
Grimmsnarl V DAA 114

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