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Standard Deck Tech: Reshiram Amazing Rare + Lost Zone Turbo

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Meet the new addition of the Mirage Gate card to boost Reshiram Amazing Rare, forgotten from the Shining Fates expansion, where it returns with full force.

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Hello everybody. I'm Rodrigo, and I'm here to bring you more ideas and deck possibilities for the Standard format in the Pokémon TCG.

Faced with new cards for the Lost Zone focus and with the debut of the Mirage Gate card, it will boost an Amazing Rare Pokémon that was almost forgotten from Shining Fateslink outside website and which is now back in full force for the Metagame: Reshiram!

Reshiram Amazing Rare + Lost Zone Turbo: The missing energy boost

Deck Analysis


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With the release of Mirage Gate LOR 163, finally the Reshiram SHF 17 can have its energies taxed to perform its attack Amazing Blaze, dealing 270 damage with the reverse of taking 60 damage to itself (considering it has 120 HP, it's known as the famous catchphrase "Glass Cannon").

But with that being said, before there was a certain difficulty in assembling these Amazing Rare Pokémon due to the energy costs they asked for, which were different from usual. Not anymore:

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With the effect of Trainer Item Mirage Gate LOR 163, the tribute to using this card is that you have at least 7 cards in the Lost Zone, so you can search your deck for two different basic energies and power them up to one of your Pokémon. With that, we have Comfey LOR 79 with its Flower Selecting ability, where if it is your active Pokémon, you look at the top two cards of your deck: one goes to your hand and the other goes to the Lost Zone. This is the basic principle for boosting the deck's main attacker's power-up.

With 270 damage guaranteed for Reshiram, it has the card Choice Belt BRS 135 that grants 30 more damage against V-Type Pokémon, virtually gaining 300 damage in total.

As a secondary attacker, we have Cramorant LOR 50 which serves as an alternative resource to compensate for the weakness of Reshiram SHF 17 because of its self-damage setback, being more consistent as a prize striker.

Its Lost Provision ability, where this Pokémon ignores its attack's energy costs if there are 4 or more cards in the Lost Zone, is key to use its Spit Innocently attack, which does 110 damage and isn't affected by weakness.

Recursive Pokémon

- Radiant Greninja ASR 46, which with its Concealed Cards ability, you discard an energy card from your hand to draw two cards.

- Manaphy BRS 41 because of its Wave Velt ability, which grants protection to your Benched Pokémon if they take direct damage from opponent's attacks, that is, damage from Pokémon with "spread" attack such as "snipers", that is, for those who want to target their Reshiram SHF 17 to not compromise it and even preserve Cramorant LOR 50.

- Moltres PGO 12 comes in as a damage complement to Reshiram, as Moltres' ability, Flare Symbol, only grants the benefit to basic Fire Pokémon with 10 added damage.

Note if you wish to modify the deck

If you think that Radiant Greninja ASR 46 is a card that is left over and missing enough to increase the Reshiram SHF 17's damage, you can replace it with Radiant Hawlucha ASR 81 with the Big Match ability, where if Radiant Hawlucha is on your bench, your Active Pokémon does 30 more damage against your opponent's VMax Pokémon.

Assuming that Reshiram faces a VMax, we have the sum of 270 damage + 30 from the Choice Belt + 30 from the Radiant Hawlucha skill and +10 from Moltres, giving a total of 340 damage in a just hit!

Trainer Cards

Now let's talk about the most relevant Trainer cards for deck analysis:


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- Colress's Experiment LOR 155 is for looking at the top 5 cards of your deck and putting 3 cards in your hand, and the rest for the Lost Zone.

- Raihan EVS 152 can only be played if your Active Pokémon was Knocked Out the previous turn. You attach an Energy from the discard pile to one of your Pokémon in any way you want, and you still search your deck for a card you want and put it in your hand, and then you shuffle your deck.

- Boss's Orders RCL 154 is used precisely to pull a Pokémon from the opponent's Bench to bring it as active and close with a knockout for Reshiram to deal this damage against the opposing Pokémon.

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- Mirage Gate LOR 163 is excellent for power-up, as it can take two different basic energies and put it in your Reshiram Amazing Rare. But for that, you need to have at least 7 cards in the Lost Zone to fulfill the effect.

- Choice Belt BRS 135: If the Pokémon is equipped with this tool, it gains 30 more damage against the opponent's Pokémon V (either V, VMax, VStar or VUnion).

Format Archetypes


This deck is a destruction machine, the kind I would easily use to play in a championship with this massive power that easily reaches 310 damage against most of the format, destroying all the peak VStar Pokémon like Hisuian Zoroark-VStar, Origin Forme Palkia-VStar, Origin Forme Dialga-VStar, Arceus-VStar and even Giratina-VStar.

With the tip to swap Radiant Greninja for Radiant Hawlucha for 340 damage against Pokémon VMax, the deck can destroy decks like Ice Rider Calyrex-VMax, Shadow Rider Calyrex-VMax, Kyurem-VMax, Duraludon-VMax, Urshifu-VMax -Rapid Strike, Gengar-VMax, and Mew-VMax, in addition to V-Union like Mewtwo-VUnion and Greninja-VUnion.


Decks that can inhibit the effects of Basic Pokémon's attacks against the opponent, such as Flying Pikachu-VMax's attack in Arceus-VStar decks; and Eiscue EVS 47, because of its second attack Blockface (one water energy and two colorless energies) that does 70 damage and prevents basic Pokémon attacks, in this case, nullifying both Reshiram Amazing Rare and Cramorant.


It's an exceptional deck and everyone will want to build it in the next regional competitions. The hype for buying the cards has already started, and that might greatly increase its price tag.

This deck has a lot of potential, and I'm sure many have played with it.