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Standard Deck Tech: Klawf + Hisuian Electrode V - Special Conditions Damage

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Check out this list with Klawf, a new card from Paradox Rift. It focuses on the mechanic of dealing more damage according to each special condition on it, matching a forgotten card in the format that does the same thing: Hisuian Electrode V.

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The release of the Scarlet & Violet: Paradox Riftlink outside website set brought us a simple Pokémon that can deal a lot of damage based on the special conditions it is affected by.

This Pokémon is Klawf sv4 105, which can deal up to 190 damage for just two energies - of course, if we meet its requirements and place these special conditions on it. Alongside it, we've recycled Hisuian Electrode V PR-SW SWSH294 as an alternative attacker that brings these same mechanics.

Klawf + Hisuian Electrode V: Damage Based on Special Conditions



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Klawf and its Plan

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This deck's plan is simple: place any special condition on this Pokémon to deal 190 damage with its first attack. To achieve this, we have two options in this deck:

- Poisoning with Brute Bonnet sv4 123's ability combo if it is equipped with Ancient Booster Energy Capsule sv4 159;

- Burning, by using Spicy Seasoned Curry ASR 151.

With 190 damage guaranteed, you can easily knock out the Pokémon in the meta that are weak to the Fighting type, such as Arceus VSTAR PR-SW SWSH307, Slaking V PGO 58 and control decks that use Snorlax PGO 55.

Hisuian Electrode V: Secondary Attacker

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Hisuian Electrode V is excellent because it doesn't need any energies to apply the damage from its first attack, and it is also similar to its deck companion: it deals 100 damage per the number of special conditions this Pokémon is affected by.

We have the Brute Bonnet sv4 123 mechanic based on its ability by using the Ancient Booster Energy Capsule sv4 159 tool to apply Poison, and also by using Spicy Seasoned Curry ASR 151 to apply Burning. You'll be guaranteeing 200 damage - which is more than enough to knock out, for instance, Charizard ex sv3 125, because, by applying the Grass weakness (considering Hisuian Electrode V is a Grass-type, against the Darkness type, because of Charizard ex sv3 125's Terastal effect), you'll be dealing 400 damage.

Recursive Pokémon

Card Draw Pokémon

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- Bidoof CRZ 111 has its ability, Carefree Countenance, which makes it immune to damage to the bench through attacks, which is very useful to gain time and evolve it to Bibarel, avoiding sniper strikes from a Radiant Greninja ASR 46 or a Kyogre CEL 3.

- Bibarel BRS 121 comes in with its Industrious Incisors ability, which allows you, once per turn, to draw until you have five cards in hand.

Pokémon to Renew your Hand

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Squawkabilly ex complements this deck's strategy as a Pokémon played on your first turn to activate its first ability, Squawk and Seize. Like so, if it is played on your first turn, from your hand to the bench, you'll discard the cards in your hand and draw 6 new cards from the top of your deck, therefore renewing your hand.

Considering this deck only uses special energies, its attack becomes a must.

Pokémon to Jumpstart your Special Condition Mechanics

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Its ability, Toxic Powder, will only be effective when Ancient Booster Energy Capsule sv4 159 is equipped to this Pokémon. When used correctly, it will apply Poison to Klawf sv4 105 and Hisuian Electrode V PR-SW SWSH294, mobilizing this strategy very efficiently.

Pokémon to Boost Damage Counters Caused by Poisoning

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Starting Hand

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In this simulation, ideally you'll be second to play, because then you'll be able to attack and use Supporter cards, as the Pokémon TCG rules state.

Like so, you'll promote Klawf sv4 105 to the active Pokémon position and attach your Double Turbo Energy BRS 151 to it.

But, before attacking, you'll play Arven sv3 186 to search for an item card and a tool card, respectively. Then, you'll look for Brute Bonnet sv4 123 and Ancient Booster Energy Capsule sv4 159, to activate their effects on Klawf sv4 105 and optimize its attack.

By using Nest Ball sv1 181, you can look for a Bidoof CRZ 111, because you have a Bibarel BRS 121 in your hand, and you'll then focus on accelerating your "draw power" throughout the game.

Trainer Cards

Supporter to Act as an Item and a Tool

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This is the most important Supporter in this deck (an absolute must), because it is the engine you'll use to set up, making everything more precise and efficient. One of the combo examples with it includes Brute Bonnet sv4 123 with Ancient Booster Energy Capsule sv4 159.

Supporter to Renew Cards in Your Hand

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This card is ideal for this list, considering most of your Pokémon are "single prize" Pokémon and have low HP. With its second effect, you'll be able to shuffle your hand again and renew it by drawing 7 new cards, considering your Pokémon can easily be knocked out.

Supporter to "Catch" Enemy Pokémon

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Supporters to Sabotage your Opponent's Hand

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Supporter to Recycle Multiple Resources

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This is the second most important card in this deck because it retrieves Double Turbo Energy BRS 151 (considering in the current format there aren't any cards that retrieve special energies). Besides this, it retrieves tools (cards such as Ancient Booster Energy Capsule sv4 159, to give you more consistency throughout the game with Brute Bonnet sv4 123), Pokémon and Stadiums (to retrieve Town Store sv3 196, which helps you remove other problematic stadiums, such as Lost City LOR 161).

Items to Search for Pokémon

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Item to Filter and Search for Special Energies

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Considering this deck only has 4 energies, it is possible luck doesn't favor you and your hand ends up unusable if you want to use Klawf sv4 105. This item comes as a filter, looking at the top 7 cards in your deck and trying to find your energies.

Item to Apply "Bad Statuses"

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This card applies the "Burning" status to the active Pokémon, which might be useful both to Klawf sv4 105 and to Hisuian Electrode V PR-SW SWSH294. But, ideally, you'll only use it on Hisuian Electrode V PR-SW SWSH294, because this will boost its first attack, and like so you'll have 200 damage (counting with Burning and Poisoning), and therefore you will be able to knock out a few season favorites due to their weakness, such as Charizard ex sv3 125.


Item to Recycle Pokémon and Energies

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Mobility Items

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Item to "Catch" your Opponent's Pokémon

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- You'll only use Ancient Booster Energy Capsule sv4 159 to activate Brute Bonnet sv4 123's ability, as explained previously.

- Forest Seal Stone SIT 156 should only be used in emergencies, and you must play it with Hisuian Electrode V PR-SW SWSH294, to filter this deck more precisely if your game is locked down, and you don't have the card you need.


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Special Energy

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Archetypes in the Format and Matchups

Favorable Matchups

- Decks that use Arceus VSTAR CRZ GG70 and Slaking V PGO 58 due to these Pokémon's weaknesses against the Fighting type.

- Jolteon VMAX EVS 51's decks due to this Pokémon's weakness against the Fighting type.

- Charizard ex sv3 125 decks.

- Darkrai VSTAR ASR 99 decks.

- Roaring Moon ex sv4 229 decks.

Unfavorable Matchups

- Lost Box decks using Giratina VSTAR CRZ GG69.

- Lost Box decks using "single prize" attackers.

- Electric archetype decks, such as Iron Hands ex sv4 70, due to its second attack that draws extra Prize Cards for each knockout, speeding up the Prize Cards race.

- Iron Valiant ex sv4 89 decks, if their controller can combo with its ability and place damage counters.

- "Spread" and "sniper" effect decks, such as Inteleon VMAX FST 79 and Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX BRS TG30.

- Control decks with Alakazam ex PR-SV 50.

- Chien-Pao ex PR-SV 30 decks.

- Scizor sv3 205 decks.

Final Words

This deck became extremely relevant again because of Hisuian Electrode V PR-SW SWSH294, which comes up again as another cheap Pokémon option, considering it is a "single prize" Pokémon, focuses on a simple strategy, and, the best of all: has a great cost-to benefit ratio.

This list was slightly inspired by the deck originally used by Lucas Pedrosa, a Brazilian player who reached a great spot in Brazil's 2023.2 LAIC: 85th place. Check out the original list by clicking herelink outside website.

See you next time!