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Pokémon Sword & Shield: Top 10 Most valuable Gold Full Art cards

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Check here the most valuable Gold Full Art cards of the Sword & Shield block for investments in competitive and / or for collecting.

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Hello everybody. I'm Rodrigo, bringing you news about the Pokémon TCG in general. And now with the market, a bit more stable with a duration of two months before the rotation and with all the expansions already defined and released from Sword & Shieldlink outside website, you can check the Gold Full Art cards with higher values for investments.

It is worth remembering that the dollar rate and values are constantly changing, and that some cards will rotate in the Standard format, on April 14, 2023, that is, all cards that have the letter "D" cannot be played in the format after rotation.


Top 10 Most Expensive Gold Full Art Cards in Sword & Shield

10 - Choice Belt (Astral Radiance)

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Useful equipment for Standard decks to deal 30 more damage against V-type Pokémon in general (whether V, VMax, VStar, or VUnion).

It costs an average of $15.00.

9 - Ultra Ball (Brilliant Stars)

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Item Card, has the effect of discarding two cards from your hand to search for any Pokémon in your deck (either evolution or basic, rulebox or not - it doesn't matter), reveal it and put it in your hand.

This Ultra Ball will be one of the Pokémon search supports and will be useful in the next block with Nest Ball in Scarlet & Violet, being essential for any deck.

This version costs an average of $17.30.

8 - Path to the Peak (Astral Radiance)

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As a stadium card, it is used to block any abilities of Pokémon that contain a Rule Box.

This card costs an average of $20.

7 - Giratina VStar (Lost Origin)

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Being a staple in the format as a Tier A rank, Giratina has the advantage of the dragon archetype, where it has no weakness, and it does 280 damage for only 3 energy in its attack Lost Impact, and still has its attack VStar "Star Requiem", where it knocks out the opponent's Active Pokémon.

Its price tag averages at $22.99.

6 - Quick Ball (Sword/Shield - Base Set)

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As the card is rated "D", it will rotate, and will be sorely missed in the Standard format. For now, which is in circulation, it is practically unanimous in any deck for its practicality in discarding a card from your hand to look for a basic Pokémon in your deck, reveal it and put it in your hand.

The gold version costs an average of $23.99.

5 - Origin Forme Palkia VStar (Astral Radiance)

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Like a good Water Attacker, its Subspace Swell attack does 60 + 20 damage for each Benched Pokémon in play for both players, so that's 260 damage for just two Water Energy! In addition, we have its ability VStar, the Star Portal, where it takes 3 water energies and attaches them to their Pokémon in any way you want.

It costs an average of $26.49.

4 - Pikachu V (Celebrations Promo Card)

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This card came as a promo on the second Elite Trainer Box, known as the "Gold Collection Box" (not to be confused with the Ultimate Collection Box that comes with metallic Pikachu and Charizard).

This Pikachu V is highly collectible because it's a promo, and it's Pikachu, which is one of the most profitable Pokémon in the franchise.

It costs an average of $30.

3 - Mew (Celebrations)

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As an excellent recursive Pokémon, thanks to its ability Mysterious Tail where it looks at the top 6 cards of the deck and looks for an item card, reveals it and puts it in your hand and then shuffles your deck.

And with its Gold Full Art form, many who like to have the most expensive versions on their decks are looking for this Pokémon.


Its current price tag averages at $36.

2 - Lugia VStar (Silver Tempest)

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Lugia is a favorite of this season, and is still seen in the last Regionals at Orlando, Florida (USA), where the top 8 was filled with Lugia.

With its ability, VStar: Summoning Star, Lugia manages to take two colorless-type Pokémon from the discard pile and put them on your bench and with that, it works alongside Archeops SIT 147 (from the same expansion), where being stage 2, they don't need to do the evolution step from scratch as a fossil.

Therefore, it is quick and practical to put them on the field and use them for their Primal Turbo ability, where they can attach up to 2 special energies from your deck to one of your Pokémon, charging Lugia with the Powerful Colorless Energy DAA 176, where the Colorless Pokémon it is equipped to deals 20 more damage. That way, if Lugia has 4 of those energies, his Tempest Dive attack instead of 220 damage, deals 300 damage!

It costs an average of $40.

1 - Snorlax (Chilling Reign)

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And we reached the very first place, and of course, with this great recursive card where the Pokémon has its ability, Gormandize - if you use it, you draw until you have 7 cards in your hand and your turn ends!

In addition to being a great "Draw Power" in the format, it has become accessible to the public, since the other card that does this effect (which inspired it), is precisely Tropical Beach PR-BLW BW28 and Tropical Beach PR-BLW BW50 - which are only given to Pokémon World Cup participants in high placement within a top 12 and above.

So, it was very difficult to have access to these cards, and this Snorlax made it accessible to the public.

Its current price tag is at $79.38.

Honorable Mentions

1 - Flaaffy (Fusion Strike)

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Flaafy offers quick power-ups between Benched Pokémon with Electric Energy from the discard pile, which is perfect for the archetype, and even synergizes with Miraidon ex.

It costs an average of $8.99.

2 - Trekking Shoes (Astral Radiance)

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Here we have a versatile and agile item card to facilitate the draws and “burn” the top of the deck with some card that is not useful, filtering your deck.

Its cost averages at $9.99.

3 - Level Ball (Battle Styles)

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With the future loss of the Quick Ball over a more efficient search of basic Pokémon, the Level Ball will be an alternative filter, of course, with the limitation of Pokémon with 90 HP or less. But it will be useful in many lists, in the same way that Nest Ball SUM 158 was with its gold version, since there will be a reprint of this card for Standard.

It costs an average of $11.50.

4 - Fog Crystal (Chilling Reign)

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With the future loss of Quick Ball to more efficiently search basic Pokémon, Fog Crystal will play the role of searching basic Pokémon of the Psychic archetype, which is very present in Japanese decks recently with Gardevoir ex.


Its cost averages at $13.99.

5 - Galarian Zapdos V (Brilliant Stars)

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There was a sudden growth in the use of many electric Pokémon in the format due to Miraidon ex as an energizer of this archetype and leaving many more consistent electric attackers, such as Regieleki VMAX SIT 58, in addition to the ability of Galarian Zapdos V to hit for less energy for each V on the field with the tribute exemption from attacks, the fighter archetype is their weakness, dealing twice as much damage.

It costs an average of $15.


What did you think of the list? Did you miss some cards there?

Thanks for reading!