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A pack of four cards was included in Happy Meals during the promotion, along with a toy, consisting of a plastic or cardboard spinner and coin, or a book. The spinner and coin were used to play a game called Match Battle. Two players choose one of the four cards and compare data points in a best three out of five match. The spinner chooses the data point (HP, height, weight, Pokédex number, or set number) while the coin indicates whether the higher or lower number wins (heads is higher, tails is lower). Each Match Battle booster pack contained one card featuring a Confetti Holofoil treatment as seen on previous McDonald's promotional cards, and three Non Holographic cards. Only six cards out of the set were available in Holofoil: Rowlet, Gossifleur, Growlithe, Victini, Pikachu, and Smeargle.

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