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Detective Pikachu 2 Promo Card and Live Action Film Sequel

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News about the promotional card that will be given to Japanese players for the Switch game: Detective Pikachu Returns, and more information about the Live Action sequel.

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About the game on Nintendo Switch and this promo card

Today we are going to talk about the release of the game for the Nintendo Switch of Detective Pikachu Returns, where its launch is being planned for the month of October.

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Japanese fans who pre-order the game from their stores will be rewarded with a game-themed promo card with the artwork below:

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Detective Pikachu (Basic Pokémon, Lightning Type: 90 HP)

- Attack Thorough Investigation (C): flip a coin until it comes up tails. For each hit (heads), draw a card.

- Attack Ride Dash (C)(C)(C): Deals 50 damage.

There is still no word on when the western release will be regarding this promo card and also the game.

About the Live-Action film

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And in January 2019, Legendary Entertainment already had a confirmation of a sequel to the Detective Pikachu live-action film, which is based as an adaptation of the game of the same name for Nintendo 3DS, where at According to rumors, the former director (Rob Letterman) will not be headlining the sequel.

That year, in March 2023, updates via the Bleeding Cool website revealed that studio representatives confirmed that the film was still in active development and with exclusive announcements about details of some creative roles in the production, such as Jonathan Krisel (Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!) as new director (replacing Rob Letterman), and Chris Galletta (writer of The Kings of Summer) as part writer and screenwriter.

The feature film was released in 2019; directed by Rob Letterman, starring Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu (as the character's voice actor in the American version) and Justice Smith as his fellow investigator. The plot involves the mysterious disappearance of Tim Goodman's (Justice Smith) father, where he and his father's Pikachu entered the underworld of Ryme City to investigate these mysteries, with twists and turns with each new piece of information that is discovered throughout the plot, as well as allies along the way.


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