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Pokémon Sword & Shield Full Art: Top 10 most valuable cards

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See the most valued Full Art cards to date in 2022, ahead of the Lost Origin expansion's release.

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Hello everybody. I'm Rodrigo, bringing new information about the world of Pokémon TCG.

In the second half of 2022 and almost already preparing in advance before the launch of the new expansion “Lost Origin” in September here in the west, we will see the Full Art cards of the Sword / Shield era that are worth the investment.

Shall we go to the list?

The Sword/Shield Full Art Cards

10th) Vaporeon V -Rapid Strike- (Evolving Skies - 172/203)

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Of the Kanto Eeveelutions trio, by the looks of it, this is the most coveted. It's a nice card for competitive as well, as it can fit with Melony CRE 146 for quick power-up, and also for decks with the "Rapid Strike" archetype. Its average value in the market is 14 dollars.


Its first attack, Triple Draw, for a colorless energy, draws 3 cards.

The second attack, Splash Jump, for two water energies and one colorless, deals 90 base damage and even switch your Vaporeon from active position to a Pokémon you have on your bench, replacing it.

9th) Machamp V (Astral Radiance 171/189)

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One of the Astral Radiancelink outside website cards that didn't have much obvious prominence in competitive, but that is here thanks to its price list on average close to what Vaporeon costs, around 14 dollars.

Its first attack, Revenge Buster, by a Fighting Energy and a Colorless Energy, does 50 damage plus 50 if any Pokémon on your Bench has any damage counters.

And his second attack, Seismic Toss, for two fighting energies and a colorless one, deals 140 base damage.

8th) Ninetales V (Rebel Clash 177/192)

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Perhaps because of the exuberant beauty that Pokémon already has and the nostalgia factor for the Kanto region, Ninetales is on the podium for the equivalent of 15 dollars, on average, to be in that position.

Its first attack is the Nine-Tailed Shapeshifter, which, for one fire energy and two colorless ones, copies one of your opponent's active Pokémon's attacks and can use it.

Its second attack, Flamethrower, for one fire energy and three colorless energies, deals 180 base damage and discards one energy in the process.

7th) Sylveon V -Rapid Strike- (Evolving Skies - 183/203)

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Here, probably by the pseudo hype by many still having the memory of the extinct fairy type, which has been replaced by the psychic, still this affection for Sylveon remains strong until then. Its average value in the international market is around 15 dollars.

With Dream Gift, you can search your deck for a Trainer Item card and put it in your hand and then shuffle the deck. And if you do, your turn ends.

Its only attack, Magical Shot, for two colorless energies does 60 damage.

6th) Arceus V (Brilliant Stars 165/172)

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The most beloved card of all time, being among the best in Regionals, International and of course in the Worlds, with the champion Daichi, who used the combination of the deck of Arceus-VStar + Hisuian Decidueye-VStar + Flying Pikachu-VMax.

It's practically an obligation to have this Arceus line in the current format, and of course, we can't forget the Arceus V BRS 165 that belongs to this baseline.

He had a price reduction by the current range in the average of 15 dollars, since months ago he had a secret art of Arceus (a premium box that had a miniature in the US and some other countries) and there will still be a new box for speculation of the releases which will have one more shipment with Arceus-V and Arceus-VStar, probably making its acquisition more accessible and cheaper.

Its first attack, Trinity Nova, for two colorless energies, powers up to 3 energies from your deck to any of your Pokémon-V in any way you like, then shuffles your deck.


And his second attack, Power Edge, for three colorless energies, deals 130 base damage.

5th) Galarian Moltres V (Chilling Reign 176/198)

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As a counter to Mew VMAX FST 114, this card is present in both Arceus-VStar and Urshifu-VMax -Rapid Strike- decks. With this versatility, its price has gone up to an average is around 16 dollars

Its ability is Direflame Wings that during your turn, you can attach dark energy from the discard pile to it.

And its only attack, Aura Burn, for two dark energies and one colorless, does 190 damage, but also 30 damage to itself.

4th) Mew V (Fusion Strike 250/264)

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A card that saw a lot of play in the current block and will last until the end of the year for sure, not to mention the nostalgia issue of one of the Kanto Pokémon, being loved by many. Its current average price is 17 dollars.

Its first attack Energy Mix, for a psychic energy, you search your deck for an energy and link it to one of your Fusion Strikelink outside website-type Pokémon, and after that, shuffle your deck.

Psychic Leap, for a psychic energy and a colorless energy, does 70 damage, and you take the Mew and all cards attached to it back to your deck and shuffle it.

3rd) Umbreon V -Single Strike- (Evolving Skies 188/203)

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As one of the fan-favorite Eeveelutions, like Espeon, Umbreon is extremely coveted and has high financial value in its cards (as usual). In the $17 range, it fits with decks of the "Single Strike" archetype.

His first attack, Mean Look, for a dark energy deals 30 damage and the opponent cannot retreat.

And the second attack, Moonlight Blade, for one dark energy and two colorless ones, does 80 + 80 damage if Umbreon has any damage counters on it.

2nd) Pikachu V (Vivid Voltage 170/185)

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The Pikachu cards themselves are highly collectible, seen as the franchise's most iconic mascot, and so worth the long-term investment with each passing day. Its current value is around 18 dollars.

For one electric energy, its Charge attack causes it to look for two electric energies and connect them to that Pokémon, then shuffle the deck.

His second attack, Thunderbolt, for two electric energies and one colorless energy, deals 200 damage, discarding all energy in the process.

1st) Charizard V (Brilliant Stars 153/172)

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And of course, we have one of the most well-known and loved Brilliant Starslink outside website Pokémon, but for the nostalgia factor for the anime, the appearance of a dragon (which ironically isn't a dragon), and consequently becomes one of the most expensive cards.

Its first attack, Incinerate, for two fire energies and a colorless one, does 90 damage and before doing the damage, discard any Tool Item cards that are attached to the opponent's Pokémon to perform the attack.

And his second attack, Heat Blast, for three fire energies and a colorless one, deals 180 damage.


Honorable Mentions

Galarian Zapdos V (Chilling Reign - 173/198)

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This one enters more for the competitive issue of this block, thanks to its ability Fighting Instinct, where for each V-type Pokémon that the opponent has in play, the cost of Galarian Zapdos's colorless energies will be reduced, and as it needs 4 energies to use his Thunderous Kick attack (1 fighter energy and 3 colorless energies) to deal 170 damage and the special energy discard effect of opponent if it has any energy attached before dealing damage.

Rayquaza V (Evolving Skies - 193/ /203)

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As a reimagining of attacks that are nearly the same as Rayquaza-EX DRX 85 from the Black/White era, it had tremendous potential in the format, but with a lot of "Spread Sniper" Pokémon against the speedup engine of the deck that made it up (the Flaaffy EVS 55), it has lost its strength.

It was included here only for its affective value as a legendary favorite of Hoenn, in addition to its oriental culture appreciation for being a dragon, which reminds us of the status it gained due to the popularity vote in Japanese lands.

Its first attack, Dragon Pulse, for one electric energy, deals 40 damage, discarding two cards from the top of your deck.

And the second attack, Spiral Burst, for one fire and one electric energy, deals 20 base damage + 80 damage for each discarded basic fire or electric energy attached to it. However, its discard limit is two energies, that is, it is 20 + 160 in total.

Dragonite V (Evolving Skies - 191/203)

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Here, despite not having much prominence in the current competitive Standard format, he is very welcome in the Expanded format, where he plays with Arceus & Dialga & Palkia-GX CEC 156, in addition to which gained absurd strength thanks to the combination of his GX attack, which left Dragonite with a powerful attack.

We also have the issue of collecting as a nostalgic Pokémon for being the first dragon in the Kanto region, which values ​​its price.

Its first attack, Shred, by two colorless energies, does 50 damage and ignores any effects of your opponent's Pokémon.

And its second attack, Dragon Gale, for two water and one electric energy, does 250 damage plus dealing 20 damage to all Pokémon on your Bench.

Espeon V (Evolving Skies - 179/203)


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Just like any Eevelution, these cards are welcome to collect and always make for easy money.

His first attack, Zen Shot, for a psychic energy, deals 60 damage to one of your opponent's Pokémon-V (cannot apply Benched Weakness or Resistance if using this attack).

And his second attack, Super Psy Bolt, for one psychic energy and two colorless ones, deals 120 damage.

Glaceon V (Evolving Skies - 174/203)

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The same arguments from Eeveelutions, as well as its partner Espeon, apply here as well.

Frozen Awakening, for a water energy, makes you look for Glaceon-V's evolution and can put it to evolve. Then, shuffle your deck.


The second attack, Heavy Snow, for one water energy and two colorless ones, it does 120 damage and discards a stadium card into play.

Jolteon V (Evolving Skies - 177/203)

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The same arguments from Eeveelutions apply here as well.

Its first attack, Thunder Spear, for a colorless energy, does 20 damage to one of the opponent's Pokémon (cannot apply Weakness or Resistance if using this attack).

And his second attack, Pin Missile, for one electric energy and two colorless ones, deals 60 times the damage for heads you hit with your coin toss.

Leafeon V (Evolving Skies - 166/203)

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The same arguments from Eeveelutions as well as their partners Glaceon, Espeon, and Jolteon apply here as well.

Its ability, Greening Cells, makes you search your deck for a grass energy and can attach it to any of your Pokémon and then shuffle your deck in the process. After that, your turn is over.

Its only attack, Leaf Blade, for one grass energy and two colorless, does 90 base damage + 60 damage if the coin hit heads in the process.


This is an updated list for the month of August 2022. Soon, in September, there will be the new Lost Origin expansion, where there will be more cards that can be added to the catalog and with this price survey that will be in the category, and will probably change this perception in the long term. Until then, these are some cards that are worth the investment.