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Name Roaring Skies
Code xy6
Type core
Released 05/06/15
Total number of items 112


Roaring Skies is a captivating set in the Pokemon Trading Card Game that revolves around the legendary Pokemon Rayquaza and its powerful Mega Evolution. The set's lore is centered on the skies where Rayquaza resides, and players can experience intense battles in the clouds. Mechanically, the set features a focus on Dragon-type Pokemon, with the introduction of new Mega Rayquaza cards that can wreak havoc on opponents. Additionally, the set introduces special abilities and Trainer cards that enhance gameplay strategies, creating exciting and dynamic matches for players of all levels. Get ready to soar high with Roaring Skies and unleash the power of the sky-bound Pokemon!

Top 2 best cards

# Card name Decks Price
1. Trainers' Mail ROS 92a 4 decks € 0.00
2. Wide Lens ROS 95 1 decks € 0.03

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