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Pokémon TCG: Top 10 Best Snorlax

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We listed the top 10 best Snorlax in the history of Pokémon TCG, both in the competitive scene and Expanded. Check it out!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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In this article, we'll show you the top 10 most powerful and interesting Snorlax in Pokémon TCG - considering cards from the Wizards of the Coast era until today.

In today's article, the main focus will be Snorlax - a colorless Pokémon from the first generation which fulfills many roles, from support to, in rare occasions, attacker.

Top 10 Best Snorlax

10 - Snorlax (Diamond/Pearl: Rising Rivals)

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All of this Snorlax's attacks are more effective if it is Asleep.


Its first attack deals 20 + 30 extra damage if it has this status. Its second attack deals 40 + 40 damage if you hit heads on the coin toss, and, if you hit tails, Snorlax itself will get the Asleep status. This will create a loop with its first attack.

Additionally, its passive ability states that, "from the moment Snorlax is Asleep, your opponent won't be able to retreat their Pokémon", which will let you control the game a bit better.

9 - Snorlax (X/Y: Fates Collide)

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As any good Snorlax, this one becomes more powerful if it is Asleep. Its first attack, Toss and Turn, deals 30 + 90 damage if it has this status, and guaranteed it this spot in our list.

You can combo with this Snorlax and Hypno BKP 51.

8 - Snorlax (X/Y: Promo Card)

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Straight from the X/Y block, this Snorlax was a promo card in the Generations set, which focused more on Kanto Pokémon and brought us several reprints of cards from the classic Wizards of the Coast era.

Its ability, Immunity, protects it against any special statuses, and, therefore, makes this one less concern for us when we use it in Expanded.

Additionally, its attack can Paralyze the opponent if you hit your coin toss. To guarantee this, we can use two cards: Trick Coin PHF 108 or Glimwood Tangle DAA 162.

7 - Snorlax "Plasma" (Black/White: Plasma Storm)

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This version of Snorlax was basically the "root" of Snorlax PGO 55's concept, which we frequently see in Standard 2024 in "stall"-type control decks because of its ability.

Its attack deals damage according to the number of Team Plasma Pokémon in play, which was common in the Black/White era. Even if its attack is a bit expensive (5 energy cards), it was useful to lock down your opponent.

6 - Snorlax (Sword/Shield: Lost Origin)

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This Snorlax is a true "tanker" due to its ability, which protects it against the effects of attacks from the opponent's Pokémon.

Additionally, its attack is reasonably powerful for a basic Pokémon, considering it deals 180 damage - but it also puts this Snorlax to sleep.

This card will become stronger in today's Standard because of its combo with Lugia VSTAR SIT 139's ability, which we'll use to put at least 2 Archeops PR-SW SWSH272 on our bench, look for special energy cards in our deck more precisely, and attach them to our Snorlax (one Archeops is enough).

5 - Snorlax-GX (Sun/Moon: Promo Card)

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This promo version came in a special box, and also interacts with the "Asleep" special status. Considering you can only use its second attack and deal 180 damage if it is Asleep, its first attack is critical because it gives this status to this Snorlax itself.

Besides this, its GX attack deals 210 damage and also gives this status to Snorlax.

Apart from the aforementioned Hypno BKP 51, we can also use Sea of Nothingness CIN 99, the stadium, to keep Snorlax-GX PR-SM SM05 "Asleep".


4 - Snorlax LV.X (Diamond/Pearl: Rising Rivals)

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This Snorlax is an upgraded version of Snorlax RR 81, and plays a recursive role: its ability lets us draw until we have 6 cards in our hand, which makes it an excellent source of card advantage.

Its attack, on the other side, interacts with damage counters. You'll deal the damage that is described in its text, and also discard as many energy cards as you want from your hand. For each energy card you discard, you'll remove a damage counter from Snorlax - this means, if you discard 5 energy cards, you'll "heal" 50 damage.

Oh, and it's worth remembering that any LV.X card can use its previous version's attacks and abilities. In this case, these would be the attacks and abilities of Snorlax RR 81 itself.

If The Pokémon Company reprinted this card to Standard in the future, it would certainly be one of the best Snorlax nowadays. It is a shame we can't use it in Expanded.

3 - Eevee & Snorlax TAG TEAM-GX (Sun/Moon: Team Up)

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In our third spot, we have this team, which became quite powerful in Expanded lately. The cards behind this are Lugia VSTAR SIT 139 and two Archeops PR-SW SWSH272, which search for and attach energy cards to this Snorlax.

The fun thing to do with Eevee & Snorlax-GX TEU 120 is to use its second attack, which deals 120 + 120 damage if your opponent's Pokémon is an evolution Pokémon (stage 1 and 2, VStar, VMax, and Pokémon BREAK), which totals 240 damage.

If we use Powerful Colorless Energy DAA 176, which will be available in Expanded as a "tech card", we'll give 20 extra damage to the colorless Pokémon that has it attached. So, we'll deal 80 extra damage if we use four copies of this energy card.

2 - Snorlax VMax (Sword/Shield: Promo Card)

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In our second spot, we have this "upgraded" version of M Rayquaza-EX ROS 76, which deals 30 damage for each Pokémon on our bench. We can also use Sky Field ROS 89, which increases our bench limit to 8.

Snorlax VMAX SSH 142 is quite robust, has one of the highest amounts of HP in all of Expanded (340 points), and is a VMax Pokémon.

If you'd like to check out more about this Pokémon, click herelink outside website.

1 - Snorlax (Sword/Shield: Vivid Voltage)

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In our first spot, we have this Snorlax, which conquered its spot in our list because of its ability, Gormandize.

With this ability, we can draw until we have seven cards in our hand, and, if we do, we'll end our turn.

This card is essential for anyone who wants to build control decks in Expanded, considering it guarantees you more resources, but it is also useful for aggressive decks.

And the best thing about it is that it is accessible and cheap, considering its effect is a reprint of a stadium that was available only at the Pokémon World Championships of the Black/White era: Tropical Beach PR-BLW BW28..


By the way, I consider it one of the best "cards that draw cards". We mentioned this type of effect and many others in our article about the best abilities in Pokémon TCG.link outside website

Honorable Mentions

Snorlax (Sword/Shield: Pokémon GO)

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Stronger in Standard at the end of 2023 and beginning of 2024, this Pokémon was useful in "stall" decks.

Snorlax (Sun/Moon: Unbroken Bonds)

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This Snorlax was popular in the TAG TEAM Pokémon era, when it acted as a secondary attacker. It dealt up to 180 damage, and we could attach three Basic Fire Energy sv3 230 to it.

Due to its striking history, it deserved an honorable mention in our list.

Final Words

What did you think of this list? What would your top 10 best Snorlax list look like? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you for reading.

See you next time.