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Name Shining Fates
Code swsh45
Type core
Released 02/19/21
Total number of itens 73


Shining Fates is a vibrant and exciting set in the Pokemon Trading Card Game universe, known for its stunning artwork and special Shiny Pokemon cards. The lore behind the set revolves around the elusive Shiny Pokemon, rare versions of regular Pokemon that have different colorations and are highly sought after by trainers. In terms of mechanics, Shining Fates introduces unique gameplay elements such as the Shiny Vault subset, where players can find rare Shiny Pokemon cards, as well as VMAX cards that showcase powerful Gigantamax forms of Pokemon. With a mix of collectability and competitive gameplay, Shining Fates offers a thrilling and enchanting experience for both casual and dedicated TCG fans alike.

Top 1 best cards

# Card name Decks Price
1. Rillaboom SHF 13 1 decks $ 0.04

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