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Trick or Trade - Pokémon TCG for Halloween 2023!

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Come and find out a little about the new batch of themed cards from the special Halloween collection, "Trick or Trade" for 2023, with cards from collections from Sword & Shield to Scarlet & Violet, to get you into the festive mood.

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Hello everybody. I'm Rodrigo, bringing news about the Pokémon TCG in general.

And with the Halloween vibe, let's talk about the special collection Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle (2023), which goes well with the end of the month theme.

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Overview about the product

Having been launched with the first shipment on 09/01/2023 in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom, nothing more fitting than celebrating the collection in high style on 10/31, with the presence of Pokémon, mostly ghosts and dark Pokémon.


The collection has 30 cards, which vary with Sword & Shieldlink outside website (some already in post-rotation) and others within the rotation (taking Lost Origin and Silver Tempest) and some from Scarlet & Violetlink outside website, taking mainly the Base Set and Paldea Evolvedlink outside website.

The product itself is a type of packaging, as if it were a larger “booster pack”, which contains 50 units of these boosters, where each unit comes with 3 cards.

The average price of the product is around US$19,99.

Product Images

Image content of the Website

Image content of the Website

Special Collection Cardlist

Image by "Dry_Scarcity_7918" in Reddit
Image by "Dry_Scarcity_7918" in Reddit

The cards in the collection

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Some cards with the collection's special seal

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Image content of the Website

Image content of the Website

Image content of the Website

Image content of the Website

Average prices

- Sinistea SSH 89: US$0.46

- Polteageist SSH 90: US$0.94

- Galarian Runerigus RCL 102: US$1.30

- Dhelmise VIV 19: US$1.45

- Duskull VIV 69: US$1.11

- Dusclops VIV 70: US$0.12

- Dusknoir VIV 71: US$0.65

- Lycanroc VIV 95: US$0.50

- Marshadow EVS 80: US$0.55

- Phantump LOR 16: US$0.69

- Trevenant LOR 17: US$0.59

- Litwick LOR 24: US$1.39

- Lampent LOR 25: US$0.25

- Chandelure LOR 26: US$0.70

- Gastly LOR 64: US$0.55

- Haunter LOR 65: US$1.18

- Gengar LOR 66: US$1.20

- Banette LOR 73: US$0.95

- Spectrier LOR 81: US$0.70

- Zubat SIT 103: US$1.25

- Houndoom sv1 34: US$0.75

- Shuppet sv1 87: US$0.54

- Drifloon sv1 89: US$0.50

- Drifblim sv1 90: US$1.25

- Greavard sv1 104: US$0.32

- Houndstone sv1 106: US$0.55

- Pikachu sv2 62: US$1.58

- Mismagius sv2 88: US$0.30


- Mimikyu sv2 97: US$1.75

- Murkrow sv2 131: US$0.38

Special considerations

Just like this year, last year there was the first edition of this special collection. You can check it out clicking herelink outside website.

See you in the next news. Until!