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What is inside of a Poké Ball? Luxury, apparently!

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The new Pokémon series, Pokémon Horizons, has just shown us a sneak peek of what is inside a Poké Ball! It was the first time an official image of the inside of a Poké Ball was shown on the screen.

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Throughout the history of the Pokémon series, a few interesting mysteries have plagued the minds of fans, be them fans of the original Game Boy game, the TCG, Pokémon Go, or the Anime itself: After all, what is the inside of a Poké Ball like? Do Pokémon get cramped up in there? Is it adaptable to each different Pokémon? Surely, Ash's Pikachu must have had good reason to not go in his Poké Ball ever, right?

Fans have spent 25 years, ever since the Pokémon world was created, imagining what the inside of a Poké Ball looks like. A few fans lean towards the scientific side of the lore and think Pokémon technology suspends Pokémon in time when they are inside the Poké Balls, whereas others think everything is just miniature in there, including the Pokémon itself, and each is adaptable to the type of Pokémon. The last theory could be the most logical as the visuals from the series throughout the years have just shown the Pokémon shrinking and going into the Poké Ball.


But now, Pokémon Horizons has finally thrown out there everything anyone needs to know about Poké Ball lore through its latest episode, in which one of the main characters, Roy, watches a video made by a canonical streamer in the Pokémon universe, Nidothing. In it, they explain everything, from the first Poké Balls created to the most recent models!

What is the role of Poké Balls?

Image content of the Website

Image content of the Website

Everything starts with a Poké ball, the video states:

"Meeting a Pokémon begins with a Monster Ball! Go! Monster Ball!"

Pokémon either accept or refuse the Ball

Image content of the Website

Image content of the Website

Poké Balls can play an enormous role in whether you capture the Pokémon:

"But y'know, the Pokémon's thinkin' about whether you'd be a good partner too. So, how you feel about each other is super important!

What were old Poké Balls like?

Image content of the Website

Image content of the Website

The video within a video shows how the first Poké Balls were like:

"By the way! Do you know what old Monster Balls were made out of? Berries! Shockery Bonguri!"

Types of Ball

Lure Ball

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Different balls for different purposes:

"Now, with tech advancing... A must-have for fishing: the Lure Ball!"

Gorgeous Ball - Interior

Image content of the Website

Finally, what the inside of a Poké Ball looks like!

"Incredibly cozy: the Gorgeous Ball!"

Master Ball

Image content of the Website

Image content of the Website

"And even the wondrous Master Ball which can catch any Pokémon! There's all sorts of balls being made!"

Is it Canon?

Everything in this video-within-a-video seems accurate so far regarding Pokémon lore. The descriptions of all balls shown, Lure, Master and Luxury, are on par, and the remark regarding the feelings of the Pokémon about you is actually a hint towards the fact that the Luxury Balls result in friendlier Pokémon, as the implication is they're happier in those types of balls.

But, as it is a video-within-a-video, this could be just a kid-friendly way of explaining Poké Balls to youngsters that are just starting out their Pokémon journey, and some real-life fans have already pointed out this could be simply an allegory to illustrate how comfortable Pokémon are in a Luxury Ball.


Nonetheless, this is the first official image depicting the inside of a Poké Ball, so, who knows? Maybe this is really what the inside looks like, with a disco ball, red couches, mini bar and everything.