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Pokémon TCG Stores In Japan Receive Extra Supplies For The First Time In Months

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After months of shortages, Pokémon TCG stores in Japan have received several new batches of supplies, booster boxes, and other products, and the coveted "151" set will reappear in May!

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Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, in 2020, Pokémon TCG has been facing shortages. Particularly in Japan, the Pokémon Center website has, for years now, had no products available to purchase in its TCG section.

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This is just a symptom of the various issues with scalpers, shortageslink outside website, and getting products into the hands of fans and clients that The Pokémon Company has been facing for years. These issues have caused several restrictions in the past, and some stores have even restricted which clients they'd sell tolink outside website to avoid scalpers and making the situation worse.


To deal with this situation, The Pokémon Company promised it would improve production and their overall system, besides doing some "damage control" by promoting lotteries and made-to-order sales. Back in 2021, they told consumers they'd increase the number of products released into the market, but, apparently, it took them 3 years to finally get the ball going.

Now, however, it seems like stores are once again getting a reasonable stream of products and The Pokémon Company has finally found a way to add more products to their main website. Stores in Japan, like the one below, have announced they could access products more easily as of this past week, besides receiving large supplies of sets like Crimson Haze.

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Additionally, the Pokémon Center website seems to have been restocked with several sets, most of them from October 2023 and older.

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Furthermore, news sources have confirmed Pokémon Card 151 will get a new print run, and products are expected to reach stores in May 2024. For fans of this set, which have been waiting for new products since mid-2023, this was definitely good news. This is also particularly impactful for the online market, which is already feeling the consequences of this new product flow, as prices have already dropped considerably for a few boxes.

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Will you take this opportunity to get a new batch of boosters? How about the 151 set?